Thursday, 31 July 2014

Jaggi Vasudev,s selected 9 small speeches

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1- Is  Self Realization is Difficult ?

With a few analogies, Sadhguru explains that self-realization is the easiest thing in the existence, if only we “turn around.
2- Our Connection with Shi-va
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Sadhguru answers a question about the Shivanga sadhana - a 42-day vrata for men - and explains its purpose: to make us conscious of our connection with Shi-va or "that which is not," which is the very basis of existence
3- Spirituality without commitment 
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Sadhguru addresses the dilemma of why spirituality is not a living process in everyone’s life, despite ancient cultures like India being fully dedicated towards that at one time. The reason is simply because in recent times, largely spirituality has not been handled with the right commitment.
4- there  is no need to balance between Spirituality and materialism 
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In this week’s podcast, Sadhguru looks at the importance of learning to handle yourself as a complete being, rather than trying to handlespirituality and materialism as two separate processes.
5- Bringing the necessary awareness 
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Speaking on how to transcend the upheavals of life and attain to a natural state of love and joy within yourself, in this week’s podcast Sadhguru talks about bringing the necessary awareness to life
6- meditation is not of the mind 
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Sadhguru explains that the nature of the mind is based in accumulation. However, dhyana ormeditation is a state which is not of the mind, as it does not come from accumulation.
7- keeping sexuality In Its place 
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Sadhguru explains in today’s podcast that what we call as sexuality is just a result of a small physiological change between a man and a woman. Because of a certain psychological and social framework, it has been hugely exaggerated in today’s society, which would otherwise not be so.
8- Nothing to gain nothing to lose
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In this week’s podcast, Sadhguru explains how we can function to our full potential only when we’re straight with life – that we have nothing to gain, nothing to lose
9- The Story of Ashtavakra and Janka 
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Sadhguru tells us the story of Ashtavakra, an incredible Guru who had a crippled body, and his disciple king Janaka, who was one of the few enlightened kings.

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