Friday, 4 July 2014

Stones collection

From Past Memory Lane : (A short story )

Story has three folds * childhood * maturity * Old age 

I ' was  Small child , my hobby was to travel long  alike free bird  with no limits inclusive package of all amnesties  and facilities , I  find my self very clever that time, so that always tried to  adjust my self  with parents  travel program , of course ; also it same  matched with my parent's  core heart happiness to travel with kids .

if you ask me , what i want to see  in travel , sharing ;  to keep myself closer  to nature  eg;  riverside , sea shore,  top of hill and to look down in valley and  hrs could spent  in watching fast flowing noisy hilly river  , nature's gardens  and loads of more , but in safe  distance , still ;  i 'm bit afraid  with  disasters  and  sudden accidental chances , so i liked to travel Safe always  and over cushioned with parents lap  .

you must appreciate my next hobby  was photography , i loved  to clicks ,  that too  classics  captures some time .  many time  it just waste , but so what !  its life !

i  must have to share  my ever great hobby , was picking stones .... beautiful , colorful , different shapes and sizes  from  bank of rivers , mostly they  found in  the bank of hilly rivers . In my child hood  it was my greatest hobby  apart of photo shoots .

O ' yeah !  you can say , kinda hobby of memory-collection  ......,

Now you see situation are total different from childhood , now i 'm  Adult towards maturity  , and this time  my parent  are older  , and  now high for all travel ,  have to plane  by my self ...feeling my enjoy is not same as it was in childhood .

Slowly with time and  addition of responsibility , my mind also get change , my perspective  and priority  get change , though still i like travel  most to nature , but  i want to add in experience  , ' now  money arrangements  also prime , apart of money  time  also  have to be manage ,  including destination and travel comfort planning  , a very Important , my parents get old  so  its a big hassle  to me  neither i can take them with me nor i can leave them , you know ! a kind of trouble to manage  all nicely .

One thing i also  want to share ,  whatever i collected those  small or  lill big  shaps  and sizes of colorful stones , now gradually  they become  heavy stuff  to me . now they all keep in one dirty duty corner of house , and  they add on more dirty  clumsy  look  gives to that neglected corner  of house.

yeah , collection of those stones , just childhood Ignorance ! but while  collecting those stone  was each of them were most precious to me .

Now ; as Old-Man , want to share  personal experience with everybody ;  Go to travel  on desired destination  and  must come back light and free  , do not pick  any stone for memory sake .  all good memories preserve in mind , not in stones . even not in pics , they get just all as personal baggage . and by default if it is collected , you have  enough courage  to through out well In time !

And  life's brightest part is Kid's Zone , So ! enjoy your childhood  every time , because only one thing is precious , you  and your childhood  with all parental care ! just keep nuts in mind , its perfect to all-round development.

did you noticed one feel  in above  sharing , I 'm so selfish  i'd enjoyed  enough  with my parent  youth  and my childhood , but when  time come  of my youth , story get changed ! they get old & helpless ,  and now they sit Only their room Only .  in nearer  past  i lost one of them . (pl do not kind for me , i'm thinking  for one  who left alone with  unfilled loneliness with all  their lived memories  only )

Now  time is more teach to me ,  accepted ! as i was not good bridge  among two generations ,  many stones  having  in my bag . My age rotation coming  on same  point where my parents was .  Now a days  i'm alone  with all loneliness , did restricted myself   in One room with all lived memories .  i'm pretty sure ! my kids also  have has their  own baggage.

and now prime time to  returns  all stone , from how many i had collected  from roaming  and traveling throughout life .

As Each of throwing them  literally i 'm feeling  light  and free ! Many other  learning points you will must able to catch with-in writ  for sure ! 

All the best !

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