Friday, 18 July 2014

Mirage of Images and Reality Part two

Kindly take a reference  from : Mirage of Images and Reality Part one , this write is related with previous one . 

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Before  writing  any line  regarding the title , i want to share  few suggestion  of the subject of visibility and vision

* In vision , we will take ride from narrow to endless wide  and again will come back from wide to narrow .

* state of meditative learning is suggested 

* kindly do not make any false  judgment , open Soul window  to welcome  thoughts from whispers of  mysteries  , if not find worth after ride, better to keep  yourself on nonjudgmental state. because  truth is beyond mind , if we are not able to see doesn't mean it is not . the lord mirage is unparalleled , whatever we are able to make with efforts are just replica (even replica is also not exact) . so our reach is very less . so keep your mind free  with any unwanted stuff. 

as we know well , thought even imagination can not able take shape if it is not exist , in this principal  Science  and Spirituality  both start to work . 

here is  well tested  mirror reflection  will  take our flight  to mysterious . 

As you seen  many artificial and illusive   reflections  were there in * pre-note   and all  were  able to show equal strength of  emotions with same frequency, but all illusive  and guided  with  Master one main Reflector ..... how do you know it ? because  you can feel allusiveness well under your Awareness  , your mind  can able to catch that allusiveness . keep this thought in mind (Y) . It means  under Awareness in broad term ..... we may able to see big chapter of elusiveness. 

Next thought is , if One main reflector  keep away from  scene   immediate  all illusive  reflection get vanish . same as  on Earth  If jeeva get out of body  reflector get vanish Immediate .

here we take  as Jeeva (spark of energy)  as connected one energy which is reflected in on many   with all elusiveness . 

Samsara itself big Illusive state of mind .  find yourself as small bubble under big bubble of Earth and Earth is also in another biggest bubble . 

Query may come , how  we  can see god  if we are with in god ! Intelligent  query it is , its difficult to see  out  that where we are  already exist  in very tiny dot form. you can not see , true !  but you can feel that glory .  same as tiny drop can not see the see but she can feel Sea  after merging in Ocean .  same is to you .  you can feel  the  presence  of Source  after get merged  in source .  
how to get merged with in life ?  as you know  Jeeva is pure  and energy  you know your own being is pure  and vibrational , frequency is there . Once  frequency connect with Source  its not difficult to feel  the Glory of Source . 

do not give any name , any post , any  department , any kind of segment  alloted  by you will restrict your flow  towards Lord.  


Only your own true being will capable to connect , obviously you are not as body . rest  Source will take care of our  big ride . 

just  start with this  clarification : Mind - who is running    ( you are looking    means  you are beyond  ) Maund - who is running ( you are observer   means  you are beyond )

you are watcher of watcher , Indeed " Jeeva " exactly !  

Jeeva can get sakshi of others , as you are !  you can watch  the bubble game  of Samsara. but bubbles can not . 

Now come up from bubbles because  Samsara-bubble-game is not end , this just start  to go wide .

when you find any wise vibe in Samsara  to connect with Universe , keep in mind  this is not climax  , story of ride  is just going to start. 

here we find  image  reflections  of lives  are same  as they look saturated  under ignorance . 

For God eyes  same we are for him  , just false reflection , we are one and well  the part of  Source
in his side . but from our side  we are divided  in crores  in variety.  ( just fix thought here ; we are divided from our side not God's side ) means  we are actually one ! 

next thought is from our side ; we see in narrow vision death and births  as body , from jeeva  side only shifting take place . its unending rotations without attachments . 

when  this as pervaded Jeeva try to explore and try to connect  with his Source , he is not attached at all  with wordily and illusive affairs. because all bubbles  get burst who are related with world . 

Now Start  a special flight with  pervaded Jeeva ,this jeeva is pilot of self ride . from very top (can say above of earth ) under his visibility Earth is  full of his mirror reflections. either in water  or air or   walker  or non-walker fix creatures including rocks  and dust particles  .   

Once Jeeva  able to see Oneness with other  brothers , next is  in same flight he will able to see mirror reflections  in Orbits of planets  and galaxies , because from God Eye's ; Energy is same and energy is one rest of all is reflection  .  till this  state  and place  we are able to see really are energies  are one in Universe  though they look different shape n size and rotations . 

Now  to feel this vastness , come down  slowly  as you take ride to up , time to come down ... gradually you have to  land on earth with preserve  feel of great oneness .

Keep in mind  whatever you are see here in  drop form  same  is available  with splendid Source includes Infiniteness   .  So, nothing is under blind imaginations . all are exist in small  on earth same is exist with vastness in Universe. 

actually whatever we find miracle is a presence already , Only ignorance is cause  of Astonished.

Just find free yourself  to find big 

be ready to receive abundance 

its short but enough deep exercise  for Soul's dwell.  slowly  Jeeva capable to connect well with Source with all wide vision . 

Good wishes 

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  1. And i'm saying ; whoever showing me my path in this moment , that is worth to worship, all salute to the Soul and to provider ..... but doesn't it mean my journey get end here on account of my worship . this is only one stoppage to collect direction hint for further . my movement of halt just for a minute to say "heartfelt thank you" for doing wonderful pre_distinct help to me , designed by lord . Their are many other halts are in wait for me ahead . they have signs with them ; keenly wait to consign me , i have to get free to them, after they have also their next destination like me ... i have no time to rest .. they are in wait for me .. Soon ; i have to move from "here' also with all signs .... with thanks with gratitude and full of compassion .

    Om Om Om