Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Conversion of wordily Sensitivity to Para_Sensitivity ; A wise Conversion - Note

New Dawn  of 2014 , New year  , New thought ... welcome to  your new personality also ,  for sure as Human being ; Everyone have sensitivity  for some extent, give another meaning to yourself by you apply your forceful local and ultimate painful  sensitivity   into  your para sensitivity , and give you  another meaning ,

** Love yourself. * * Be with you  

As human quality / dis_quality , our memory is short , we  forget  easily with those badly scratch mark on heart   and soon with new  time and with new event , we get customise.. And start to live life ... its essential also; to live life again! some time it is natural  as Gift  to life  , but some time  it appears  as Insensetiveness 

Insensitivity  get  appears in other sense  with_in  few one's ,  when we customise  with the word " Death " ... death is not  only word  , where this Occurs, it takes  many relations with also .  and  One  , who is  on last breath ... their body   and their soul  get involved  in last battle  of life . 

* Can you imagine ;  which one priceless breath you are taking   in flow  , without effort , life allow you to take in and out smoothly  , that one breath  when goes in not comes out  and  if comes out never allow to go inside again ... !!

* Can you imagine; for which One bite you give all life.. That bite never allow to take in by your body, because all Organs are saying final bye-bye to you... !!

* Can you imagine ; you are on bed  and very sick , painful sours are appears in your body your breath becomes heavy , No medicine is working  for you ... you are on life ventilator  and  all are just waiting  of your last breath ....... !!

* Are you able to think that time …… you and yours as long as life span desires!  Jalousies! Wars! Hunger! Illness!  Work for passion!  Your very private Love life!  What is with you here and now?  Nothing …… Nothing is with you at this moment  !! 

Think!!!!  Because you are going to die..... The time; the fraction of second is precious, each your breath is precious.... each your thought is  show you actual  life n events  Now  ... One story is going to  stop !  Many relations are going to dead this time......

Think before you fell into mental coma, because God is very kind! When his surgery get starts, you will get sleep in anaesthesia, these are Under God’s Gift to you; to take soul from your body ... after that.. Your body is waste, ends up of body chemicals and Five Elements are just biodegraded waste.

do not get  insensitive on the term of Death , because  you  daily seen in  your surrounding  and on  daily  in newspapers or  channels or  through disasters ... Death is Death . 

Before going, know who you are!  What is the purpose of sensitivity  as medicine  for you !

And How your Inner pain due to your own sensitivity get convert in to meditation.... turn this  painful valuable sensitivity  from "daily problematic emotions to  knowing  to you "  through  Spiritual Path  via meditation . Because you heard , same  chemical with perfect dose it is medicine and Imbalance of dose it is conversion in poison. Fire give food  but fire burn also . 


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