Thursday, 16 January 2014

Spirituality is what about ! - Note

Few self_scales :

Of course , Only Loving Heart will  opt to the Spirituality .. to 

feel Gratitude , to feel Love for universe , to feel Compassion 

to entire Nature . 

Spirituality is who gives all freedom to Maund to fly high and

feel light , to think big and live Simple , to Sing laud for self

and Cry Only for all . 

Spirituality dose-not mean to take flag in hand , and do

leadership for mass to Darkness . Spirituality is self less ,

without wordily Political or religious Motives .

Spirituality is Pure , Fragrant and Compassionate. 

Spirituality never ever said " I am Good , listen to me Only ,

follow to me Only " it is very Inner Transformation of

Individual . 

Spirituality provides Only to Seeker's A Wisdom Eyes , A Wise-

full Mind , A Wise Tongue , The Compassionate Touch , and

Blessings to All Human being . 

and above of  all Silent and Peaceful Mind and Heart .  

Pranam to All 


  1. BE HAPPY.....says my Spiritual Mantra...... BE HAPPY....

    1. true , well says , best Mantra for self ... to spread essence need so many words get attach to description :) , Namaste Ajay ji Suprabhat .