Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wise - Love (not Impulsive)

Any   emotions  those giving hits  major are based upon LOVE . Find  Two types of  LOVE EXPRESSIONS - 1-  gives freedom  and survives only in freedom . 2- surrender self freedom and survives  only after takes others freedom.

Both gives feeling of  surrender , its a biggest  event in any one's Life .

in  first one  love is  Rare  and  Free ; gives freedom and takes freedom in response. though dedication is full . sincerity is no doubt .

In second  type (its very common) it is full of authority , Its fairy  and Its Dreamy  away  from reality  even not ready to accept realities . you can say ; Its a kind of  illusive  Self-Hypnosis  In first  appearance its looks  this authority is surrendered fully in front of love . but definitely  it is  unknowingly  false  surrender . in very deep core tiny  desire is rooted  to get same surrender  back in favor . this  type of business  if not successful  it brings  swirl  and storm  with self . this type of love covers  all Gunas of Rebelliousness , Jealousy , Anger , Body Beauty  and lust  to grab .

And this is painful-end for who are In love . its all Illusive pains . .

Under  Logic  its difficult to convince  drunken people  that you are  not in right path , your love is not of right quality . who will get agree of this ? In this Blindness  result will appears in front of others   as lessons , but  not for  effected persons,   he  or she  already comes under damage ... than what should have to do ?

It is  very sensible Point :- according to   Society according to family  and friends (cos friends are also reflection of person Only due to same guna attraction ) person get  groomed  self personality and right & wrongs , it means  root thoughts Influenced to thinking according to  Interest and it become Karma  and according  Result comes . This way person  make self destiny in all innocence and ignorance  .

This is also different  action , which type of personality is good , what  have to do  for right love  and right partner ,  life is not according to design  or under wish . life is  a Flow  A smooth  flow of sequences and consequences.

But  here  scene is different , in all ignorance  if  result is bad , than what to do ? people are in pain , poison get  attacked  , than ?

Keep in mind !  Either Happy  or  Sad Emotions always  works as swirl  or whirl-wind   , appears  comes in force , ruins and   passes away ..  after passed  its feels as  Clear sky  after heavy Rain ... and what left  inside  to collect and to restore . with mindful wise .

It looks  but its not like , cos , it attacks again and  again  just like   sea  waves  in high tide ,  same  with  power  as before they appears , till than  one is not  control  over self  through settle in Center, One need  actual  preparation and awareness  to  protect  from harms . Because  those  emotional swirls are not friend of person  it is very sure , they are so poisonous , most time  people  not hesitate to finish self or vis o verso .  Keep in mind , help to self  if wisdom is left  or  you may help others (if needed or asked ) these  strong decisions are  just  in drunken stage . those not wise its feel after passes storm.

Heart chakra get weaken  at this stage , need  to get strong by Internal Fuel . get settle in center  to resolve the Issue . and if your settlement of center is really worth  and correct , its Sign ;  you will get different type of love vibes , these love vibes are just like cool breeze , very fragrant , not dominating , not rebellious , not Jealous  , not produce anger , not   ignite to look Body Beauty  and no any  lust  to grab  that soul , Or  passionately  surrender  fully .

This kind of love  is just like free  and happy bird , all open hands  not close fist . this kind of love  only want happiness for self  and for  lover . and  be in trust  its kind of love  happens  in this word  here only .  And this kind of love produces Soul-mates .

How this happens !  its a basic  whose get activated  their center , only  those can  serve this kind of love .  their wisdom  direct  connected with  fruitful thoughts , they love themselves as strong   same as they love their partner . Yeah ! self love  self  awareness is must  to understand definition of humanity .

Self love >  Self Awareness >  Soul mates > Humanity > Gratitude >  Surrender > acceptance > Joyousness > Happiness >  Satisfaction > Understanding > Listening >  Respect.   all are the  Beautiful Garland  of One quality  to get  settle  in Center .

Though human history is full of  different kind of  love-affairs just for an  example  to understand more famous  love-affairs  in History  1-Meera  to Krishna , 2-Radha to Krishna , 3-Budhha  to  Lord  ,4 - Kabir To Lord , there are many   in wordily  great love examples , but these are divine  and easy to catch ,  One and two  are  passionate  and   dedicated love Blindly so that they had great pain also on that same quantity . Meera  get hypnotized in her very childhood age  due to in her  parent's reply they gives her  statue of Krishna  as  husband to her  and she get dedicated  as she was Hindu  and Rajput . they have their Scocial bondage and culture , and she  have had exact personality within   and Radha  get Hypnotized due to his  live personality , she was exactly on his time . And  five to six  loves are example  to bloom love lotus in freedom of divine love  with only acceptance. Budhha  and Kabir  was total  free and  same serves freedom to Lover . On today  you can see love affair of Ma Anandmurti  or Ma Anandmayi,they are total divine and free , without any  self hypnosis  of any relationship .  just one relationship is with  Center of Love .

Good & bad is  essential  and attached  alike two sides of one coin in entire wordily affairs ( selection is not comes under wise choice )  Soul is  pure  and Body ( physical and emotional ) is  with all impurities , accept this fact wholeheartedly , very first accept this universal truth  to self  and after  with partner  and than accept this fact to entire world , just  set priority of self life  and  self love . If you love  self  you always  able to give healthy love . Neither get possessive for self  nor for  partner . Just live happily and let to live with ever happiness .  Accept ; under acceptance fully to partner  with all good and bads together . Come out  with Pictorial love affairs are just for mostly entertainment they are not  reality of life . Though  few are present  Philosophies  and few are documentary  few are historical they have massage to Society  in their making . For Commercials They are not made to Sevres Reality to you , its may   mirror of Social acceptance due to unfulfilled thirst or  cos of any half  wish of any dream  seeing by youth So that  Pictures  are  mirror Image of Society . as people want they  attempt to make  same  and as picture make  its reflect the  emotions of Society , Both are Mirror to each other Both have great Impact on each other , Still ; Films  are Dream world and  they are fully  dedicated to serve Dreams; cos its producer's business  for money  to make another film from profit.They have different Goals and different marketing strategies   , and definitely  your well being is least concern in their mind .  You should have  your  own concern ; wisely . Not only fashionable films or dominating upon minds media but any reading  listening and watching ways which are absorbed by you and gives riples towards out of world .

Be wise  and be safe .

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