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Midpoint Power Theorem ( Spiritually )

Balance on that too through midpoint is ultimate motive of Spiritual aspect and most powerful. Indian Old Yoga and Pranayam concept and  activity  based  to activate  midpoint  of Body and breathing exercises also  reflect to charge naval point  as center of human body . Balance act  is direct stands  you just next to God . The God's whole phenomena of power  is on work for Balance and work through  Balance  as you now  God itself ultimate Name of Balance . And  you know  balance always get easy to hold from midpoint . Midpoint is  most powerful  tool .

Always  protect  yourself  to act in extremes , extremes  shows bursting  not boosting  , yes ; to find beautiful  balance you should  to have trail walk of this end to that end  on balancing-beam ( in any guna or any aspect  ) . All effort to come closer to center  is motive to Welcome Health  Love and Peace , either this is  from Yoga / Pranayam / Meditation or through  inherent Wisdom-Call ! and  all are helping  to find your own  midpoint .

Midpoint means ; physical and mental  Healthy Tolerance . if any  artist  or mathematician , must have to aware  about how to locate and point out midpoint . Mathematics  serves  logically and perfect  for  artist or scientist  to reach exact on midpoint .

Midpoint is center , midpoint  is powered to Tolerance  generation , mid point is  give balancing to whole  shaky personality  and  outer aspect .

Once  self Center get activated ,may find clearly  Balance also awakes Balance in every aspect of life .

Another name of this balance is " Madhyam-marg " , Importance of midpoint / center / Madhyam marg  get established  again  by Sidhartha or Budha after Sages  and later  many established wise souls follow this  as prime formula to live and to guide .

Recalling  The wise soul Kabir saying  :

                                       अति का भला न बोलना  , अति की भली न चुप 
                                       अति का भला न बरसना , अति की भली न धुप

effort to translate : " do not talk in extremes , do not hold  much Silence
                                much rain  is not  good , much sunlight also not good  . "

In  Astrology  mid point have great significance , as Solar-Midpoints , all calculations rotate around  midpoint of  Nakshatra . this is our sages vision  later it become Sufficient phenomena . Mid point have each planet  and each planet connection also have their  own midpoints .

A very  small live test of midpoint power - This time picture yourself as the adult, sitting between your two children.  Just by being in their middle, you affected the quality of their interaction (e.g. they either behaved themselves better, or became more obnoxious toward each other by trying to compete for your attention, etc.)  In the same way, a powerful planet in the midpoint of two lesser planets will strongly affect their interaction.

These are  just few example of midpoint power ,  though  midpoint is very vast  and here just symbolic expression .

Astrological-Example of Some Midpoints :-

Mercury/Jupiter midpoint – Rewarding and Expansive Communication: Jupiter (being the slower planet) influences Mercury:  So this midpoint represents the experience of being rewarded (Jupiter) for one’s communication.  Any planet in hard aspect to this midpoint will carry this sense of expansive communication.  This is why MC (mid-heaven) = Mercury/Jupiter often denotes a professional writer.

Venus/Mars midpoint – Passionate Involvement: Mars influences Venus: Romance and relationship is heated up, made passionate.  This is the midpoint of sexual and artistic passion.  Saturn placed at this midpoint (Saturn=Venus/Mars) will necessitate restraint on passion, whereas Jupiter or Uranus placed here may intensify the
passion to excess.

Sun/Moon midpoint – Relationship Fulfillment: Sun influences Moon: One’s Reigning Need (Moon) is fueled by  Life Energy (Sun).  This is the strongest point of individual need fulfillment, and thus it has to do with relationships and self-acceptance on a deep level. Neptune placed at this midpoint (Neptune=Sun/Moon) may suggest bewildering experiences in relationships, whereas Saturn placed here will necessitate growth and maturity in relationships.

to read more  astrological mid points  may catch  in below link :-

The Midpoint can find  in every aspect as Urga , urja or energy lives  in each particles  and  each particle  have own midpoint.  In each  cell  If energy  exist  means  it has center too , and if it is energy and center means  every cell have chakra power too .  And each chakra have own midpoint . Same as every body ( movable or non movable )  have own midpoint as well as chakras with midpoints .  Same as every planet have midpoint , each galaxy have midpoint . and  in this series and point comes that  God resides  in  Most Center point  Of  Vast-Vyom .

God's  major work  is as  appears  is Balance  in powers  balance in rotations , Also God itself  find as Center of Power . So that we find beautiful maximum in linguistic expression  word is " Param Kendra " means  ultimate  and maximum midpoint is God  . from where all powers  get manifest .  either in tatva  movable  or non movable . Power Of Center  or  Center Of Power , One is Human  another is God . why  due to  thinking ability , due to performance , its shows  Human have loads of responsibility  next to God , distributed  By Divine . So that we can say  God  and human  are  two sides of  One coin Both have  responsibility  to live  and to maintain Balance.

(stare and observe closely above very special pic  with own many center points , each point have own midst-point )

Find your Center / Midpoint / Tolerance ;   to live well till have breaths with real purpose of life ! 

with  all Good wishes and blessings 

Om  Namaste 

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