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Understand Illusive emotional drama

Today  we will start our thought-session with this above thought  and will try to understand  Krishna saying with the " Understand Illusive emotional drama "

"Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize
your life around it." Brian Tracy

Whatever we heard in pieces , actually internal they are all One voice . division comes according to receivers perception and capacity of absorbing .

Emotional force / emotional locha / emotional shakiness ... these are root cause of pain n sorrow , So that ; Yogi says , Be " Sthitpragya " first ... It means Be shackles 1rst, it also means our Inner should get non effected in the dealings in world !

Psychologist / Spiritual Gurus all have single funda and force behind them all spread multicolored effort , our inner get customs and settle  (here is very thin subject line also silently comes of wordily business with great effect )  we may able to understand , cause and effect of weavry , very movable emotional allusiveness , which gives permanent scar on very first on thought process and other they filled life with poison.

and funniest thing is , they have none of motive serves behind , cos they are flowing according to their Nature , same as scorpion nature is , its inherent Poisonous effect in scorpions bite .

emotions also present within body  and forcing as  catalytic of maunda through mind . with all Good and bad effects .

So ; We have all power within  of rejuvenation- self ,  it is up to us , how to manage  us  wisely  Finally !!  just catch  those frequencies  which are saying , Yes ; everyone is worth  !  Nature is Nutral in gives and takes ,

do not over pileup yourself In  regular wordily   and daily crunch some time  to collect daily crunch makes  kind of personality ... these persons  can named  dissatisfied ( Not Soul ) Personality .  cos personality is  which is  some deep qualities  earn  from  neighborhood  friends  family and society . For this type of earnings  which gives Only  Heaviness   Often called it  Earned Stones .

Try to understand , behind noise  Untold  shackles  Story !!

Love yourself !!

Understand the play Of Illusions !!

All practices  are to reach  in our home , in our core ! !

All  nut shell is , Nothing you have  before birth  and Nothing you have to lose  after Death .  all drama is under Maaya .

Another aspect which is  most get  stroke  is emotions  in colors  ,  whose  are comes and goes  those are emotions .  and  they serves  only madness . in emotional  force  mind can  not make wise decisions , they are always comes in flow .. and after that only left effect , permanent in life  and  beyond  also !

Spiritual wise people  are saying ( not psychologist ; cos psychologist are more tuned  with theories ) " Love is Out of  emotion . "  its deeper and very pure , even in which sense  they are saying we are not receiving .  total state is different , total thinking level is different . Yes ; their love is not emotion . for them ; Love is  a final settled  aligned  mental Inner state with heart , where  love become compassion , where love  is wise , where love is fragrant , where love is for human kind , where  love born and finished under this love shelter   small projection may be change of love  Love is remain stand strongly ,  not forceful and smelling bad .which gives  force to live with wrong decisions to human very forceful actions but in world 99.9 % people  lives in emotion  and also hang in emotions ,  , often you may  able to see in your surroundings , in Society , Intelligent and Intellectuals   welcome to death in extremes  of emotional jerks .  what is that ?  understand ,

cos to us  very easy to understand difficult subject-line   with  outer examples . here  you can see  how emotions works in high tides , they represent happiness  or sorrow , vacuum  or pain , love or hate ...... but all comes slowly  in low weaves  , soon take shape of high tide  after that  weaves  againg get cool . and after settlement  mind able to see , waste  get settle on your inner as Poison  as aftereffect  you may feel many side effects  also .

All your journey is to explore  that wise light  which is shows your  wise path , this maze is very interesting , when you dive inside through meditation you will find  many bugs live and dead  inside  , those are live they are in wait of  right circumstances to attack upon you mind , those  are dead  they already  converted in to poison . and already serves harm to your though process .

try to understand art & effect of  passing Illusive emotions of pain and happiness  and you are wise !

Recalling One shlok  of Geeta 

Geeta  and Other parallel / greater  of Geeta  alike ashtavakra maha geeta   these are precious  gems and guidelines  to soul  how to perform  in world , they serves  different dimensions  to life . these are not just word to read , these  are life to live . 

Geet Sloka 38   (Chapter 2)

sukha dukhe same’ kritva labha labhou jaya jayou 
tatho yuddhaya yujyasva naivam papam avapsyasi

Having an equal mind in happiness-sorrow; gain-loss; victory-defeat; engage in battle and thereby you will not incur sin.

This is the secret of karma yoga which means yoga of action.

Detachment and equanimity are essential for the spiritual seeker. Work as such does not bind any but it is the attachment to the results of actions (fruits of ac­ tion) that binds the individual.
Life is full of waves of happiness and sorrows. Whether we like it or not, we want it or not, we are born on to this world and have to face the pains-pleasures; experience happiness-sor­ row and victory-defeats as a consequence of our actions.

Learning the art of swimming in the ocean of life is the secret of reaching the shore by the seeker of truth.

Considering that it is directed to Arjuna in the battlefield: There is bound to be deaths on either side in the battlefield of those Arjuna had loved and re­ spected in his life. This would automatically bring in sorrow. There is bound to be death of the ones Arjuna wished to be killed because they were the real enemies. By these, we mean the Kaurava brothers, Karna, Shakuni etc. This would bring in happiness. Arjuna and his brothers would gain the entire kingdom back if victorious or on the other hand lose control of all land and wealth if defeated. This is "gain-loss." Finally, the gain is considered as victory and loss is considered as defeat. It is victory and de­ feat.

These are the three outcomes of Arjuna’s actions on the battlefield. In our own life, if we consider it as a battle, we will experience these feelings.

The most important word to understand is: "same’ kritva." It means "Equanimity in action."
We must continue to discharge our ordained duties irrespective of the results of our actions. This way the work automatically becomes an act of worship.

To conduct any work, we need to fulfil the following criterion: - we need basic education; - qualify for the work undertaken; - follow the job description; - conduct work pertaining to the speciality; - continue to discharge daily household duties.

We have to work to the best of our capacity whatever may be the situation in life. Of course there is time for grief, time for elation. But these should not deter one from work. Within reas­ onable period one must resume duties.

Every action has a reaction. Actions towards progress is "sadhana." (spiritual effort).
It is the reaction to the actions that hinder our progress. 

The results to be experienced/to be faced could be immediate or delayed. It could also be in later births.

When successful, like passing exams, we feel elated. Waves of elation unbalances the mind. On facing failure, like failing exams, we get dejected, depressed. Waves of depression unbalances the mind.

It is also a fact that the events in our life with the beloved ones also brings in happiness or sor­ row. When elated, we lose concentration on the work ahead and when depressed we do not have the mood to work. These apply to social, moral and religious actions.

It is good idea to consider that success now is not only the result of present actions but also grace of the lord for presenting us with the results of good actions in the past including past births. By developing this view, the ego that comes out of success is diminished.

In a similar vein, we should consider that failure now is also the lord’s verdict on results of past actions either in this life or previous lives. We should then say, thank god, at least one of my bad actions in the past has had its results. I have now paid for that mistake and let me try not to commit mistakes in future.

"papa" means "sin": Sin is an act against the injunction of the sastras. The lord has said: "you will not incur sin." He did not say: "you are a sinner." Our sastras are very clear on this issue: they condemn the sin but not the sinner. They pray lord to bless the sinner and make him not commit such acts again.

PS: Here  you may see easily in a very simple way  , i say / you say / Guru say / God say  / elder say / experience holder say / psychologist say / they may have many roots and direction , but all are saying to attain  One State of Sthir-pragya only . all practices  all sadhna  all   Spiritual  Religious methods sooner or later moves towards  this aspect . and  best is all is for ultimate well being of Soul. 

So , is that clear what is  your next goal is ! 


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