Wednesday, 6 August 2014

5- Accepting Every Part of Me (meditation)

"Trust does not mean that everything will be all right. Trust means everything is already all right. Trust knows no future; trust knows only the present. The moment you think of the future, it is already distrust." ~Osho

The moment you judge a part of yourself, you are dividing yourself into two. You are a whole. All these tricks you have learned about division have to be dropped. You have learned to divide yourself into the godly part and the devilish part, the good and the bad, the high and the low. Drop all divisions. That’s what acceptance means. Acceptance means there is no question of condemnation and whatever is the case, you accept it. Suddenly, there comes a transformation in your being.

Osho : When I say accept, I say accept all and drop all the compartments. Become one and everything is good. Anger also has its part to play and hate is needed too. In fact, whatever you have, everything is needed – maybe in a different arrangement, that’s all. But nothing is to be denied or rejected…

Thought for the day

As I am willing to accept all of me, I am more willing to accept more of you

Meditation for Today

 “Look At an Object as a Whole” 

The Method Look upon a bowl without seeing the sides or the material.  In a few moments become aware.  Look at anything. A bowl or any object will do, but look with a different quality.
Look upon a bowl without seeing the sides or the material .

Look upon any object, but with these two conditions…. 

* Do not look at the sides, look at the object as a whole. Ordinarily, we look at parts. It may not be done so consciously, but we look at parts. If I look at you, first I see your face, then your torso, and then your whole body. 

Look at an object as a whole; do not divide it in parts. Why? Because when you divide something in parts, the eyes have an opportunity to move from one part to another. Look at a thing as a whole. You can do it. I can look at all of you in two ways. I can look from this side and then move. I can look at A, then at B, then I look at C and go on moving. When I look at A, B and C, I am not present – or just present on the fringe, but not focused. When I look at B, I am leaving A. When I look at C, A has been completely lost; he has gone out of my focus. I can look at this group in this manner, but I can look at the whole group without dividing it into individuals, into units, taking it as a whole.

Try it. 

First look at a thing moving from one fragment to another. Then suddenly look at this thing as a whole; do not divide it. When you look at a thing as a whole, the eyes have no need to move. 

In order not to give any opportunity for movement, this has been made a condition: look at an object totally, taken as a whole. And secondly, without seeing the material. 

If the bowl is of wood, do not see the wood: just see the bowl, the form. Do not see the substance. It may be of gold, it may be of silver – observe it. Do not look at the material of which it is made, just look at the form. 

The first thing is to look at it as a whole. 
Secondly, look at it as a form, not as a substance. 


Because substance is the material part, form is the spiritual part, and you are to move from the material to the non-material. It will be helpful.  

Try it. 

You can try it with anyone. 

Some man or some woman is standing: look, and take the man or woman wholly into your look, totally into it. It will be a weird feeling in the beginning because you are not habituated this way, but it is very beautiful in the end. And then, do not think about whether the body is beautiful or not, white or black, man or woman. Do not think; just look at the form. Forget the substance and just look at the form. In a few moments become aware . Go on looking at the form as a whole.     

Do not allow the eyes any movement. Do not start thinking about the material. What will happen? You will suddenly become aware of your self. 

Looking at something, you will become aware of your self. 

Because for the eyes there is no possibility to move outwards. The form has been taken as a whole, so you cannot move to the parts. The material has been dropped; pure form has been taken. Now you cannot think about gold, wood, silver, etc. A form is pure form. No thinking about it is possible. A form is just a form; you cannot think about it. If it is of gold, you can think many things. You would like, you may like to steal it, or to do something with it, or to sell it, or you can think about the price – many things are possible. But of pure form, no thinking is possible. 

Pure form stops thinking. And there is no possibility of changing from one part to another; you have taken it as a whole. Remain with the whole and the form. Suddenly you will become aware of yourself, because now the eyes cannot move. And they need movement; that is their nature. 

So your look will move toward you. It will come back, it will return home, and suddenly you will become aware of your self. 

This becoming aware of one’s self is one of the most ecstatic moments possible. 

When for the first time you become aware of your self, it has such beauty and such bliss that you cannot compare it with anything else you have known. 

Really, for the first time you become your self; for the first time you know you are. Your being is revealed in a flash. 

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