Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mulishness to touch the highest peak

"A Inner Journey of mulishness to touch the highest peak "
When i was small i mean without climbing art experience , took decision to go up the hill , from plain they look united and on one height , , heard from many about essential tools kit and dresses with proper shoes and energy stuff.

When i stand in border of start climb hill , i get depressed and my heart was vibrating with the feeling of take decision was much big from my life span , yet i thought will go in and lets see further .

Endless chain of hills was , for a time being on heights i find beautiful lake , breez and amazing flower fragrances , and resting place too , where i felt  may be i get  my destination ..... between hills so many valleys river rocks and difficulties i settle myself to go further , unpredictable weather , and hardship of road and my Body had also limited energy .

and ardor was to go top of hill of hill , now i understand how kiddish was all . when after spend years n years in exploration ... i get old , hair get gray , and my body goes weaker . and hills was still up more stand straight and more on heights. skies still on same distance .

Is it same bull run was involved throughout my life !!  actually what i did and for what ! it's a query arises . is it any hill top finally , probably not , it's a kind of thirsty deer/ maund running and try to catch water in sand-dunes.

Physically it is may be those highs  can available , but actual  those highs  not even small dot  in front of big .

Now i m understand , my motive was not to touch the highest peak (that was  madness of mind and running of maund ) , my motive was to understand  my limits , and  to understand limitless.

During climbing  learning was loads that was my  nut shell precious stones (mind it still they are stone) . their was small hills , between two hills climbing  beautiful springs was . river running so fast on down side , on more highs , there was total silence   with no availability  of human made Maaya , here i  encountered  with  natural Maaya . it is not artificial  pure  and natural  but  keep in mind Maaya is here also !  out of Maaya , Nature  itself  very great teacher !

Some time  my high alert and aware mind  get weak  in front of the bright shine of Maaya . but sooner  i get idea , with my body-running   i cant escape from Maaya , my wordily senses  only give what they have , nothing beyond they serves , "  i need to sit where i am  as it is without any pre-belongings , settle just with blank slate  .Only can start to climb inner highs and have to dive in inner lows ."

And here i must to share , i found  highest highs  and lowest lows . i understand my limits  in front of Unlimited , and my physical running get stop at one place  my maund get settle  and that place was center of my heart !! diamond is here ... Omg !

Not sooner  but not late too , well in time  i get able to  find  spring inside . i find center of universe in center of my heart !!

The moment i get connected  with center .. all illusion get disappears  automatic , my vision is get more clear ..99.9%  Human  races are getting for no motive  or short motives or wordily name and fame  are just feeling dumbos act , very few running are genuinely  for living needful .

Only one act can justified  live for betterment for "Earth" with compassion and gratitude . rest of all  just Illusions ..

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