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Talks with My Son ; Mother of subjects is " Philosophy " .

                                 Very first wish to share , these talks are not regular among us  , its comes under rare  talks and he serves  real surprise  package  of happiness to me  , So that i create this Blog  , yesterday  i talked  with my son beautiful with nectar  i received , sharing here....

                                What is Philosophy ?  and why  Science born  and from where ?   and how damaging  half knowledge  of philosophy  ?  and Blind following of application in ritual form  of this half knowledge  for betterment  for society  in different form in the name of para  and  to serve idols  as toys in the hand of Innocents by leaders ,

Finally   feels wow ! and  brilliant  it was total discussion .

pic  sharing for this  fruitful discussion 
( be with always  natural divine shine and wisdom )
( Idols are Deep , Meaningful and Symbolic but to understand them need  extra sensitivity to understand depth of philosophy , They are not just for blind  worship and hom and arati in closed eyes  in temples , more deeper whatever we understands commonly )

please read below :

                                 As first and  last  he  stands on Philosophy  is very old very primary language  to communicate  about some thing is mysterious  without prove  based on self exploration Individual  and  sincere followers get activated  everywhere  ( its a fact ) cos philosophy  was stands on without physical legs ,  Science enters  with legs of logic  n proves . this way , Philosophy is comes from Heart and Science born from Brain .

                                  So here we find  only two  major subject to world . than further division of subject is from here only .  Philosophy busted  in Beauty  in form of performing  Art  + Culture + Religion + Spirituality  and Science  takes own path with branches .

                                   After that he asked  how many philosophy  you know , i told him i read  major two philosophies as subject  Indian and western  philosophy ,  rest of all Muslims  ( but Muslims have different kind of thought  about all one direction one pointer religion )  and chines  or Japanese and more similar kind of other countries following  Philosophies they do not have separate , than he said ,' your knowledge is half  is not  only Indian or western  its  how many groups  are in world  every one have their  own philosophy , specially Muslims  have deep thought Individually  but they do not have or  liberty  to create Philosophies , to generate philosophy  need certain relaxation In religion and which one they do not have , so that they have  two types by religious division or Branches  One is Shia  and second is Sunni (is well known phenomena ) and other is divided with hot and cold weaves  , hots are warriors  and cold are Sufies . Under their religion / Philosophy of liberty is less deliberately (its different thing when mind rules over thought they create  another mess according to their mental age and maturity ), at present same roots get finds in Bodhidharma  ( though original Buddha teachings were against  bloodshed and in favor of humanity ) they also have  two popular dhara or weaves of hot and cold one is towards nirvana monks popular as Zen Monks    and another is warriors Monks of Sanga group, they are producers of  martial art  , one is warrior  another is  total  against of war ........ But prime Teacher was Budhha The Sidhartha  with four noble truths and

The four noble truths are:
  1. The truth of dukkha (suffering, anxiety, unsatisfactoriness)
  2. The truth of the origin of dukkha
  3. The truth of the cessation of dukkha
  4. The truth of the path leading to the cessation of dukkha

                               with no any early sign of bloodshed ..... even everyone knows the  wounded pigeon story of Siddhartha childhood . Osho finds and says ,' Is it Chuang Tzu, the famous Taoist master or the butterfly that comes alive through these enchanted flutes and guitar melodies? '
Osho, excerpted from: Signatures on Water 
and Zen: The Language of Existence

                                In Hindus  also we have Historical evidences of wars and blood shed angry-man and warriors sages eg; parashuram and others   and even few liberty in religion in form of slaughtering also   ( meaning and purpose may be varied ) visible in area vise  for example in Bengal Kali temple  and in Assam kamakhya temple and with  this one is tantrik  dhara in Hinduism  is stands on slaughtering with other rituals . their is big gap  between reality  and followings ( in actual there is Vigyan bhairav tantra comes  direct from Shiva's voice or divine talks through Sages voice describes  in detail and purpose of tantra , in any way one can understand  but here it is out of subject  so we will discus through some other note ) . Apart of all realities ;  Hindus  and or Other Western religion  have had certain liberties to express  so everyone is free to mold according their personal philosophies ( not good or nor bad cos every thought born for good but messed after manage by minds  ) and every one have historical evidences of their Roots and Philosophies , like China  have own Russia have own , Japan have own roots , gulf  have their own roots .

Now come to  basic point of birth of  science is the result of Uncertainties of religion (so that you also Will be heard that in  very  past Only religion was exist under Humanity  rest of all were  branches  of religion and philosophies , so that  that time Head Guru and their Gurukul  were exist for  who have command of all subjects  including weapons trainers , spiritual guidance and art  music  and other performing art Including prime n best architectural designs  comes under vishvakarma , Science and Maths, all subjects were comes under One roof of Gurukul in One Mother subject of Philosophy .  Recalling Osho verdicts not same but putting essence,'" Art n Music in all three form  basically born for and of from temples, first sound was Naad of damaru  and veena of Shiva .' primary paintings  was for  gods n goddesses or (later ) kings and forts added  sculptures was for god n goddesses  or temple making  (later ) kings and forts added ,"

why ! he says so !  ever you think , he was learned  most educated person i found  on earth equivalent  of J. Krishnamurti  (though intelligence is for self not comparable)  because  all subjects were comes under  Mother Subject of Philosophy  and this Mother  was   take care  By Spiritual Religious Philosopher minds , they called by the name of  Guru .

With the flow of human race developments  Prime Subject Philosophy get divided in philosophy Religion  and even now Spirituality  get divided as free subject ! you  may understand with live example in modern  medical field ; before medical was also  a part of Mother Philosophy in the name of Ayurved  but later it comes as three parts Homeopathy  Ayurveda  and Modern Medical Sciences , now at present  popular  medical is further divided  in many branches and subbranches of as Masters of tiny  human body (child , male or female total get separated not gender even their body parts get separated ) and Surgery itself complete filed .  Same with  Art  and other subjects eg; some one get master in Instruments someone in vocal  some one in dance someone in painting and some one in designs , some one in sculpturing ......  Now ; here we come on basic again is Oldest rebellious child of  Mother Philosophy is Science Only  ....  we find  during discussion the links of this long chain ,' Gradually in developments Science  get uneasy with  the hypothetical or Intuitive portion of Philosophy (psychology is in middle of both much intuitive  but works on proves on human   mental experiments ) but Science ; it can not be absurd or irrelevantly divided and very systematic cos it stands on parameters of Formulas / proves ; as Science dealt with logical brains alike mathematicians , Physics , chemistry and Biology   , . so that ; in development  or evolution of subjects Science appears  total separate subject  from Philosophy  ( in Indian context )

As gist :

he took me on that stage  where i find only two major subjects with all beauty of their existence : One is Philosophy (as mother of all subjects  governs Heart and another is to deal with uncertainties of Zero Ground Science is there. 

and i am thinking  merely some thing more here , if really we  want to use our brain if we really claim our self as Intellectuals ,  those are in proud they all know depth of subject ; should  have to work for against  over the period of time spread mental mess and blind believes or beliefs by creating from half-half knowledgeable fellows  .

Actually both Parent subjects are  pure and beautiful and for Humanity , but some how  both are handled some extremist  by wrong intentions .

every one  must have  familiar of  mental age and physical age of human being . so do not get misguided  by  under-developed mind , think yourself for you ! for humanity ! for essence of life ! is real motive of Birth , to do best for humanity .

those are busy in serving harm by any means, by thought , by guidance ,  being a parent  being a leaders (Political or Spiritual or religious )........   of-course  they are not  mentally mature .

* keep your master sense with you alive ; don't think if Logic comes from domination by anyone  upon your mind ; is correct , Not at all ;  also keep own outlook  who is involves in logic ;  are  they mentally adult  and matured ! 

Only one religion is for earth is Simply live good  and do for good !

be wise & be safe  .

(ps; i am deeply thankful to my son  for this  ultimate discussion, thank you beloved Antriksh, blessings and best wishes  always  with you  )

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