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Samudra-manthan (Milk Ocean churning with long tail Serpentine )

Dear walkers / seekers ,

Its again not new ; what i am going to repeat already many times this may listened by you  ..... but every time  same things comes  with addition of experience  with more accurate from before, like puzzled  mind's query  and asking many times  from self or from authentic person  , this thought flow is also flows in  river of wisdom / experience   many many times  with repeatedly ...

Everyone knows  pictures are more symbolic than  characterized  in frame as  referred characters under particular Noun. just leave nouns  and  try to catch essence.

Sharing below  one picture  is also  very much symbolic ..  its  show  how mind and  heart is  badly involves in Illusive lives,  Body surrounded  with  circumstantial devils , Root chakra is surrounded with fire , throat heart and mind Surrounded under  poisonous serpentine , still  on very top , human wisdom prevails . Only  this wisdom  comes by alert awakening and self caring . and this wisdom boat  take soul out from full of  flamed- fire-Ocean .

how to start believe on non believing territory ...

few points to think :

* how to believe ? on unknown territory. mind  says be wise , heart  questioning on mind's logic , and this is  continues  process .

Suggesting , try to do one thing ... here is few steps  to win self , actually winning  is also not proper  to express it is exact  to know self . If as condition is also here , cos only one can motivate to know self ; either its born query or  soul feel impossible to live  with brain  in extreme painful conditions .  whatever it is !  gist is now  soul is ready for transformation / transcend .

*One is  believe on self -uniqueness

*Love yourself  as you are pure  and you lives in temple of made by god  for limited time .

*your  destiny is not your enemy , it is for help to you  in the journey of your live path , circumstances  are guided  by destiny only , so accept  and  do 100 %  surrender, don't  swim against flow .

* with acceptance ; you are ready for next step , this is  sitting with quiet mind  and maund . and to move internal . all thoughts , not to ask outside ,  give  blissful turn to all thinking  inside , ask yourself  only . explore  yourself only . without logic , without yes or no .  no rejection neither your's  nor  other's .  soon you will touch the point of acceptance .

* after  accepting  next is surrender take place automatic

*  be effortless  while  making connection  with nature . soon you will  they are also the part of  with all right to live as you have .

* give time to settle  thoughts  no hurry !

*  next  meditation is your start point and  meditation will be your  end point .  nothing is for hang , everything you have to leave  as it is  for others . you have to move out  from earth  as you came .with all empty hands .

* So whatever your thought  your  earnings (in the sense of real  not money) it is only with you . and believe it , its a part of life journey how much you experienced  it will collected  in Karma account . (but mind it do not give any trap to your mind for  wordily logic ) no one is their with body  to maintain  every soul karma  record  and to give  sweet or sour fruits  according , all pictures  are  hard try to  explain  difficult to you . In that world  everything works on magnetism theory (if minimum i can say for that administration ) . Once you touch that point it may understand automatic , and this also  one  thought here whatever  going with you is automatic , situations comes , feelings comes developments comes  , life comes , breaths comes , everything is automatic . just feel whatever happens with you  the  Source is much bigger with same  with automatic working . In this world  whatever  one can see or feel or understand is real  and its available here . even no imaginations are unreal . So do not hesitate  in Imaginations .

* Dive  and explore Gems , most may be not works they may be part of mud  , but you must get few  Original Gems . Its Ocean  and while churning of sumeru Parbat ( merudanda ) with Shesh-nag (kundalini) using as churning rope , you must get poison as well as nectar  both  one by one . be aware , be alert  in receiving . as you know  Eshwar vani  they gives alert  to deities  when they receive nectar  they compel to distribute that and wishing good soul will receives that nectar for well-being of world !

(  In HinduismSamudra manthan or Churning of the Ocean of Milk is one of the most famous periods in the Puranas. The story appears in the Bhagavata Purana, the Mahabharata and the Vishnu Purana. In literal terms, this tale is an allegorical description of what transpires during a kundalini awakening process. Kundalini is a latent energy that lays dormant in the spine. Upon awakening, it rises in a sensation akin to a slithering snake, up the spinal column (Meru-danda, represented by Mount Meru in the story) here you will fined  all are symbolic  and all story belongs to very inner being )

The only meaning of Samudra Manthan story . Its not In reality that some group of good or bad people stand mid of Milk Ocean  for churning rock with long tail snack  and get gems and poison literally and Vishnu swaroop Mohini  is symbol of Maaya  and Illusions . Its All Symbolic  and related story ... Do you get essence ;  what is Purana  and Purana stories !

*During self churning  you will touch that nectar , So ; start  with Meditation , Churn Meru-dand  through 7 chakra  explore  Poison in narrow veins and  blood vessels  and throw out founded    , and whatever get Nectar ; preserve  and serve  .

Actually Human whole body  is the essence of 7 chakras , all mysteries  resides here , all maze  all puzzle  you get solve to solve this chakras , and nothing is magical  believe it . Only  three worlds for
* be Alert
* be Awake
* be Careful .
And keep in mind this  Guru saying ,' Real communication happens  with self only in Deep Silence .' talkative minds can not get actual essences or nectar   , logical minds  also are still away.  when your query  get down  completely with satisfactory way  not suppressed and  trust will takes place with acceptance and surrender ........... Sudden ! magic appears . (actually ; cant say magic  , its encounter with reality ultimate )


Good wishes

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