Friday, 6 June 2014

Yog dhyan with Ultimate Realities

To live life in full you need to die once and to know the secret of life . And practice must do through proper route and apply smoothly , means mental preparation is must to die first , you have to accept all reality of death and deep darkness .... with this death experience again to feel motive of life one's need to take birth again after death experience, but not in backward steps .... towards womb (as many regression sittings psychologist apply to solves knots of mind ) its total circular journey of <> death and life <> life and death <> experiences. or you can do start with self birth (before womb ) and see your life's living part as objects and deal with your Death after living full life . and do not leave here ... go in darkness to womb . it is your wish from where you want to start you have to finish there only .

it is a playful and truthful experience but not kiddish , this sincere and serious experience will change within total preconceived misconceptions from Birth to death and between the Life and Death , One's total life-span will get Uncovered and alike open book , Immediate .

Just once need to die for experience sake to touch highest reality of self In Tatva-form and to live rest optimum of life , just in one concentrated sitting required Evocation of Death .

Death experience is brilliant experience In Yog and its Ultimate The Yog of Yogas . because all fears get shattered Immediate after this successful experience . than all yog techniques become play to live .only .

its a great to move on , one should have to do this yoga with absolute bhava .

To feel the rhythm of Mother Nature ,to touch the lap of Mother Earth ... only need one deep intense sitting . this acceptance is more than enough , after that no need of daily morning to evening many alarms of death as fear in mind . otherwise soon it will become part of routine with message to mind . your all effort goes in drain .

This yog will able show reality and position of your's as particle on Earth , and its reminds also your contribution for earth without any prejudice and pride to live with compassion and with gratitude on earth not as authority .

Feel it ; its reality ," i am part of this reality , " till life it is reality after that its alike dream .

and vow yourself , ' till than , i will take care of mine for others , i will love myself for others , and i will live according to my capability for others to give .... and this my Understanding and priority also ."

(All methods are the only medium to show soul to her path, Only )

all the best !!

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