Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Value of self !

no one can able to estimate their true value , this is under Nature's Law .. if one wise try hard for , either it get over or get under. eg; Most of Real Capable personalities in field of Science / Arts / Rituals / Spirituals get valued by people after death .(other than rare exceptions )

With in Nature , trees , valued_skin-animals , going to vanish animals races . and many more example you van take from your surroundings . 

The Voice Of Spirituality : 

Collectively Spirituality says , try to understand our own value with in life span of your's . not before nor after , rightly moment is your's Only ...

do not behave like tree / fruits or flower because you are not ,
do not behave like a animal because you are not .
do not behave like a rock or river because you are not .
do not behave like a forest or like a mine because you are not .
do not behave like a sky or like a Earth because you are not .

they are saying same to you , in loud ... see the life of your's only ... do not be ready to live other's life . be original . 

what yoga is trying to tech .. is total based to teach highest value to live. but in fine tuning , Yogic Guru also teach to whom to what learn ....because this was easiest way to penetrate in follower's mind . but biggest drawback is your life is become following this and that .Gradually ; Mind forget his original fragrance and value of own life . our total so called development is to based on followings . sometime it is from nature creatures , some time from religious rituals made for Society run .... and some time in nearby Social surroundings the result of our upbringings . and finally we come out as total copycats with all Ignorance of self dynamics. 

actually they are not responsible for our half knowledge , its total ours failure. Sages shown path to walk and we payoff in middle , alike stubborn sits on middle stations not sit their rather try to teach everyone to do same . 

As final fruit of any path is to try to show your self originality , not even try they give you Original life .Original Purpose and Original way with all healthy habits . Not copy cat's copyrights .

Dhyan and Yogic kriya is the fine medium to rooted you on earth to fly in sky . In short be human and be humble be compassionate and whatever span you have ; live in Gratitude . 

try to catch right frequency which is made specially for you as human being . be with humanitarianism. 

Mother Earth and Source is well intelligent not fool , they know who is capable for what ! 

try to understand your own value with is life . you will please Lord and Mother . 

That's all !

be in love , be in light , be in peace , be blessed

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