Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Encounter : Real Pleasure with Physical or/& Emotional pains

As the term Pain is concern .... its same with negative marks for all and this poison works on entire nature with same negative effect , either on body or in body chemical production gland-system. finally they destroy the system . which is cause of your healthy living within allotted time frame .

In the technical explanation , both 
Physical or/& Emotional pains are correlated and dangerous .......And in prolong physical disease they may disturbed to safe-emotional-boundaries and on other hand long emotional illness destroy productivity of physical health formative chemical glands . or even if both condition are absent still thought patterns enough to produces negative chemicals to give same harm without apparent cause , Mind is clever , it always collect the logic in favor , and maund is again helping hand of mind , always inspire and motivate to senses to grabs and in illusive runs . 

Feeling of happiness is really different it has none of concern with any pains and physical achievements ; they may be catalytic , but can not production house .

The production house of pleasure is very - much - inner , that is our thought production center ... i 'm not saying of 3rd party hearing or listening i,m saying which is practical and experienced from very close ,

Have seen those people who are live in all prosperity but in ever sad mood . some thing they missing in their life always . and just opposite have seen those people who have nothing worldly creditable accounts . but still they have had most in pleasure in those time. what they have within ? what was there thinking pattern ...... ? may be , they understand of life pattern , may be they are in great acceptance . either as religious definition they may wake up or not but they knows ; how to proceed and they get aware born limits of life; how to receives life whatever in hand ! they know well about elusiveness , and they also know the value of health .

But sad part is , our in timely-wakings are Rare , we passes our time in great-great-great-sleep , and when time get slipped our senses start to give alerts ,and the time alarm listening get start... this is the whole story of poor wisdom . Still Good , if it is , few are exists those not ready to accept reality till last breath of life .

in extreme , i saw very closely the people who are on death bed ,they are in fight with long illness they know they have no time more , despite of fact they are try live happily , even not try they receives happy vibes and their attendants also . because attendant are also human being they also need some happiness and hope to live , to perform . On those extreme situations in the bed of ICU If the patient is smiling on any topic , its valued ! in those extremes if attendant takes life of hope to see smile-line of their patient ; its valued . ( we are point out as patient and attendant but they are soul same like us and only they have unlimited suffers ) .In my definition that is very 1st spark of true happiness ..... definitely that is happiness.

and opposite this , to live in every splendor of splash and pomp .they surrounded every time with empty feelings ,and believe this !! this kind of sad feeling is disease of self , very inner disease of thought process , the core of heart is not charged yet . we not valued still what we have novelty in hand . (simply we are Fool and Stupid ) because we have all gifts in personal bag and now ; time to nose pointing on others novelties . No ....No .....No....... this is not a way of healthy thinking . Must be give some time to you and sit in calm to think and to re think , what you have and which is actual your need .... and definitely reply will comes from you only .

Mind it ! 

do not listen the answer of lust within ! 
do not listen the answer of desire within ! 
do not listen the answer of greed within ! 
do not listen the answer of anger within ! 
do not listen the answer of logical mind within ! 

they are catalyst of illusive fire , they are not true friends of anyone perhaps always gives illusive feel of true friendship . actually they are most harmful to you .They must have Important role as they are lives in body and mind ; only to give you actual picture of your's true friends within , only they are Indicator / pointer of true friends . 

With the knowing of illusive thought production center and seeds of them , you will able to touch actual core and truthful needs , soon you will able to find everything you have actually you are not less-than to any king , and your kingdom is yours . and that is First entry Gate of Pleasure & Happiness. 

Good wishes to all Dear Friends !

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