Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lord is only reside in sparks not in Names

we gives Name to each body n soul , even our beloved pets , named for area ,and named for out of earth planets , even we give name to them also where we are not even reached eg Galaxy / milky-way etc. , for our convenience to understand well , their is no distinction mark for soul in Lords world Other than Karma . 

It should be very clear if i say ,' Eisenstein was one only ' this is purely from human mind not under lords world .for example ; if i say , Lata Mangeshkar is  or  Mahadevi was  one only  , this discrimination is purely for self human mind nourishment . for self human ego satisfaction , any personality identification ,any recognition  and so on the series ... comes under mind running . and on this basis  Society  runs , but this is  fake identity , fake living , and fake trouble invitation . All Illusive

your birth is  under registration  under fix Name  and  Identification number  and so on it works till Death  , but for whom ? Body ! Once Body get finish , all record  get close. than what about  your  name ...your play .... your pleasure ..and .. pain  ..! 

try to understand  two worlds of your's , one is with  you  another is with in you . One  is Illusive  to para  life  and another is Illusive  In life is para . when you are living  this world that is Illusive , when the time will come  this world will get illusive  and that world get real . this is only definition of real and illusive , whatever we have  with us  is real other than all is Illusive . 

what i  experienced ,' it is total One circle , when we comes this side  it is look brighter another is dark , when we goes that side  this  gets in dark and another get brighter , and this our limit . we can not  feel beyond  which is not able to catch  through senses . 

Some Knowledgeable  says  , ' this life is real , living is real , Now is real.' Another  says ,' this life is Illusive  but still  good to real in now .  your goal is  different  you are not for here , you get flew away when time get over . "

Now the time is  what you say ? I says  My goal is peace , my motive is to touch and live in light. my goal is to live with honesty for self and for others . my path is not of knowledge, my stored Information  becomes  my Knowledge  and now  time  comes  Knowledge  get convert in to wisdom .   and throughout  want to live in wisdom . 

" Lord is only reside in sparks not in Names . " 

Nature is His best creation if we have only planet in galaxy, but if any other earth is possible on galaxy than our uniqueness is of our mind churning only . and we are comes under normal Nature product Only , as flower , as plant  as another creature , rocks , river or Ocean . Nothing is to proud . 

Scientists  says ,' if we re-produce any thing in re-searches , under nature's law  we have to pay  cost  for that  to Nature , in this  way we  reproduce  many thing  at the cost of comfort and development , but we are in the process of payments  also back to nature, when nature  take back cost  it is  meaningful and some kind of damage  for self only )

don't think of you " more than ". giving importance to other or self is also type of Insecurity and finally comes under psyche . 

you are in Now , this is biggest reality " Only " 

do not think much here n there 

If faces any trouble !

try to understand your mind !! 

this is biggest mystery !! 

" desires converts into disasters " and all happens due to ignorance of self . 

you know , when any disaster / researches / geological surveys took place under names ! to memorized for reproduce again with all copyright . 

why ?

any name of them from lord side ?

this is our mind only ! for Human record convenience , any number any alphabet can take place as Identity , and game get start .

Name s are the biggest game of human mind !

if we get nameless ( just think ) than what is our Identity in entity ?

if our Identity comes means here Mind is on work / on duty , and Mound is mind's another strong hand like attached twins .

when mind will be on work , 1st try to understand Mind to do isolate yourself .

best is ! mind is always on work , anytime you can start your research job with mind . Only Understanding is works , nothing else ! and authority ,never ! it get blast ! believe it !

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