Thursday, 5 June 2014

Moksh-Death-Life-Rebirth-Recycles !!

Do complete  your Journey  blissful way , with wisdom with  proves of Science  and  Faith of Adhyatm / Spirituality . Believe in yourself , trust yourself  finally .  you are  Compassionately  supreme  for yourself . Source  gives you all authority  , how to live  , how to understand . do not find less  anymore !!

do not indulge in mind chattering , and  control your mound's  running s  in much wordily affairs , this way you may able to control  your own energy  of your own production house . because you also have limited power of energy production . ( You means SOUL,Body is your's tool , Senses are your's servant )


Many of us are worried , many of us are unaware , many of us are just casual , and many of us are born to denied experiences of others .

Nothing wrong in query or asking but feeling of query should be pure ; while one ask deeper query , because who is giving answer of your half-half query he / she  is also Human being  like you ,only little knower more than you ; cause he is much ahead in walking of Spiritual experiences . and if asker is knew everything than this is not comes under query than it  is comes under stupid time waste  because curious asker have already  preconceive notions  and reply . how satisfaction will take place !! .allegations are next to easy aspect to anyone... but is it any base !...if logical brains come to know mysteries they always involved  in logic, as you know logic is mind product ,  because Science is very curious  ,  it can move ahead with strong steps of proves . Her desire is to walk  on mental roads with proves , without proves she cant walk single step. 

Askers ... very first explore your inner , what you want from yourself ! and what you want to learn !

very common query is  arouse on life  and death , because this topic is always mysterious  to common man , and  where will go after death  and where we were  before  death .. ? is any rebirth ? .

seekers , please take stand  either you follow  Science  with prove  or you are ready to take-off  and want sit  flight of faith  (again do not misunderstand , faith is not on Outer source , faith is upon yourself , your feelings  and experiencesOne strong thought is , On other-hand ... we will walk with  Science  till than ; she can walk with us , after that we will get ready to take leap .

lets walk with me !!  through  Science  and after that  Hold tightly  the hand of Spirituality ,  and you will get all your answers  within !!

My Dear ! 

* Science says  two thing  regarding  Tatva  and Urja  , she take  as two different  and complete subjects  Tatva  comes in Particles  and  energy is Urja . According to Science  whatever we have on Earth  they cant move out of Earth , they are continues in rotation  or in move in cyclic-way .

* Adhyatm says : Tatva  can not leave Earth  but Energy / Urja  can meet to her Source_Energy . On the principle of  law of attraction ,  here Adhyatm takes lead  and Science still in search of proves .

here in this point ... you can produce many logic  from mind . but mind it ; your mind is also collection of thoughts only . and your mound's running are  limitless ,

Are you able to prove  the mound's running through Science ? no you can't ... that is out of reach from machine or  instrument.............. anyway ! 

because  mounda closeness is  towards  Souls  and it is  a strong bridge  between  mind and  Soul .... eg; Mind <> Mound <> Soul . same is here between    Source and  Soul  Mound is bridge .... for example Source <> Mound <> Soul  , here we find Nature's  Unique gift of fickleness & mobility to Mound , and only the reason   Monda  again get active  when seeker in need  to find Mystery in  Brahmand  and above . where Science  still trying to take entry . but your mounda can go  without passport , only  one  seal is require  that is Faith on self . trust  on your journey .

very small  reality  is here ; Science can catch fixed certain frequencies , but  mounda with right tuning can catch para frequencies .

and believe this ! Science says  this ," we can not even Imaging ....  whatever not available in Universe ". Our thoughts  are the proof , the  subject is available ....  every time  everywhere ;  only we are  unaware . this imagination  is total base  in Great Science Researches 

Your right meditation  will able to guide you better ! trust on your Imaginations .

If we  agreed on One energy concept  !  If we  accept  our Body is mortal  and something Inside is Immortal . If  find  , Body  can work  only with best combination of energy  that is called Soul . than we also should have to accept , the Seven  energy Points with in , and  power of pituitary gland .  we have to accept  the collection of past  memory preserves  in Bottom of mind  in capsule form .  through works on  that Psychologist  able  to  solve mysterious minds problems .

Than you have to must do work  upon yourself , must to know first about self . Once you able to touch WISDOM POINT  of yourself , many queries automatic  get shuttered .

On Few things  not even  Spiritual person have any proves ( not the reason they know  everything , the only reason is behind their peace  they know it is now not their territory , they know perfectly their limits and they only lives truly in present moment, after that and before that  not their concernThey under on compassion get  ready to reply on your  simple-complex  query according to their austerity , not according to their experiences   : queries  like  when Moksha  will take place !! is it any  rebirth ?  is it any  life after death ?  ( according to you ) that is serious mystery of Source ... all comes under believes ONLY , if you can accept !

please note : 

** Spiritual person  find  deep darkness (if we see  from our side )  after death till  again  comes in womb ,         as rotational cycle  of energy .  
** Spiritual person  find  no one can touch the Source  with  wordily doubts .
** Spiritual person find   if we know yourself  First our  99.9%  query get slow down .
** Spiritual person  find to live life in present ,  floating in past of running s  in future  is wast of time , and this      way we only lose life  including  this precious  moments also .  
** Spiritual person  finds,' Happiness is life , Good Health is life  and Dhyaan is first and last route (means Start point and end point ). and finally  to live with all balance in chakras is Ultimate wisdom
** Spiritual person find  if  able to  do balance  in blocked  chakras   wisdom lotus will bloom  finally .

Or in other-hand , you may leave all practices  to touch the wisdom peak , only do one thing  , talk with Flower , talk with tree  they will tell you  everything whatever is mysterious to you  ....

Now ..... !!  if you want to believe ,  you may !   or still running s is left than be with your life journey . everything will happens on their perfect time . not before not even after .

in last again i am repeating , be wise  be safe

Best wishes to all !!

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