Friday, 13 June 2014

Thoughtful moments ( Unforgettable ! Gifts !! .......)

for some time forget fears , forget past forget future ,forget about mental or physical pains , maths of life , failure and defeats . these are all maund game to give you stress and inspiration to run , , be your own master , select Inspirations , not by lust not by negativity . be positive , be optimistic , its your Original life , and one is unique !!

think your core performance for your pleasure only , eg ;  ' Sleeping in sound , madly Dance , Singing from heart , Divine Painting ,pleasure in Music , Joy in Fooding , Soulful Travelling and many more ....

live in minute as this one is last .

think about this minute what you have as best gift by Lord .

think about teeth-line , lovely Smile cause of lips , tongue within , cause of express thoughts . 

think the value of taste buds to taste sour - sweet - salt 

think the value of touch feel .

think the value of hearing whatever you like to hear , you may !

think the value of smell power so that fragrance give you happy feel ! 

think the value of hunger thirst , who make desire for food and water .

think the value of walks the cause of healthy legs .

think the value of vocal cord .

think the value of inner and outer vision .

think the value of mind , you can think you can produce your thought .

think the value of inner organs , so that they give you energy again to live ,

think the value of emotions the product of your healthy body system.

think the value of life , unparalleled ....

think the value of passing moments .. not passed or of those are not in hand . 

think the value of knowledge till date you gather , cause of your healthy mind .

think the value of your inspirations, those can work reason of your inner health .and cause is maund.

think the value of Journey of body which gives by Nature , its not yours . it has own purpose .

think the journey of Soul which have own cycle of birth and death.

think how to live more productive way to both body and soul !

so many novelties to think , why Beautiful Souls are busy in collecting stones , when diamonds are spread in surroundings ?

forget about whatever you do not have ; instead think whatever you have to live !! its more than enough ! 

"If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate."  -Ajahn Chah


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