Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Beautiful Yog (balance) of Yogi

Mental - Yog Leave every effort behind "Om " , and Yogi can walks alone ... as yogi's vision get improves, the reflection also get deep and wide of same color and even same shade of expression .. and all feelings and reflection follow that yogi smoothly without effort .. than what comes in Yogi's bag is simply destiny , and destiny accepted as prarabdh to avail to calm karma ripples .. 

Physical yog is purely only to find good health of body for channelize and find better connection with self mind .

the yogi's journey is start from self and it end on vast ...

to understand better Yog do not trap yourself in extremes , just find every time self in middle balance .. and result will be with Yogi ..

at end there is no-where to go . you will find yourself only with that dot where you starts yog with burden (localize ) and few motives , after attain you are with start dot absolutely nothingness with originality .. rest is "all" comes under exercise and running on treadmill . Yogi says ,'life is to live as it is beautifully is real Yog . . ' * Acceptance , * Surrender ,* Awakening , * Compassion , and * Love are nutshell of * Yogi.

** sure; find yourself through self meditation don't believe on outer experience , others food taking may not settle your hunger . to reach that end point you must have to board on life-train ..

it is again different issue to sure you should have to back again on same station . but this travel is only way of yogi's life path .

(nothing is to fun , nothing is to criticize all are comes under experiences taking and self is wise )

Om Pranam

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