Friday, 13 February 2015

Knowing self is better always

And they get trapped again and again by mind
amazing trapper mind is, succeeds every-time 

Some time..... i feel , no matter how people find themselves spiritual and no matter they follow Spiritual law from heart ... they get trapped again and again by mind on the ground of religion where they born whatever they follow rituals ... they try to established every time ; how their holy books are good and serving nectar to humanity , in the chain of faith are bible , quran and ramayan geeta .. means christianism , hinduism , and muslimism ..,  buddhism , jainism , and many Ism are ready to bind mind and heart anytime if you are not spiritually " * alert * awake and *careful " .

Mind says, 'The unchanging is boring.' The Unchanging, which is the true Self, does not attract the personal mind. 
But the 'unchanging' the mind speaks about is not the Unchanging I speak about. 
Mind, which is by nature changeful, can never know the magnificence of the Unchanging. 
The day it begins feeling attraction for the Unchanging is the day it will begin merging inside its blissful Source.
~ Mooji

Every person have a flag of their religion from birth and after feeding in time frame they get ready to express as knower ; how they are proper and rest of world doing same mistake to understand them ... how silly .. entire world is busy to prove their rightness .. its a great quarrel appears with no understandings . as result anger and frustration take place . the main cause of anger is the gap of among born thought and half expression does not play role perfect on receiving part . cause of non expressive bearings anger take place ..... here just in this point Spiritual mind says to whom to express and for what ? you are listener of that sound and you are receiver , why you are busy in communicate to entire world for no reason , they should have to understand your pure religious point is purely internal ego ? though truth is much big and intact with super shine , no need individual effort to express rightness of Divinity through their religious eyes. Keep in mind , " Nature not need us to prove her Identity actually we need nature to live healthy ." and Source Center is much bigger than Nature.

If , you believe on sufis on saints frequencies , you must have to believe in humanity , once you believe in humanity you must have to believe in one energy and one source , here as i find every holy book says same . holy books are poetry if anyone can understand . its all frequancial understanding .. how can vocabulary able to express ? so that word get fail in express that truth and efforter get uneasy and angry ... !

With all due respect to Divinity and The Base Root of Religion beloved is one and rest of all in any religion or in any holy books ; are expressions by sages or prophets or messengers , and further they converted in to analytical perceptions and after that every trail of expression they get deteriorate further till than the one soul again get connect with main one source with all purity , as any sufi or any saint . yes ; i admit holy books are very close to source .. but one mind is there to write or describe and after that many minds many trails ..

Whenever conflicts arise in mind cos of mind , be wise friend , do not flow in extremes ... believe of self , Own Sakshi is real friend may serve you better always my dear and i am sure Sakshi will tell you truth without coating sugar about religions and there polices , how politics and religion get joint badly . and how the holy books become dusty cos of understanding flowing under current in books . Neither this extreme nor that extreme , truth is in middle , just in middle of extremes .

Many times spiritual guru says : ' read beyond Ink , If you stick on ink you can not take essence of sages mind , try to read white page of holy book . "

But minds get rigid on Ink . what to do !

Meditation will help sure to find truth and with true-sakshi if you able to find self before birth ( why not in womb cos womb and running cell start to do their wordily work ) just set your mind before birth ... and you will able to see human errors and religious rigidities , though true religion is very flexible and vast and spread in small grass to biggest stars ....... and from human history many fears cos of rigid religion .. and here in meditation set your filter .. and you will able to see clear ... right and wrongs are mind product to run power..

Do not define to any religion , do not try to frame it in right and wrongs .. just try to see the human mental workshop under any religion ... and truth get uncovered

Rest of all are ripples .. cos of throwing stone in calm lake .

Very few sufi / saint may realize this pure aspect of religion and they said humanity is religion ... but weapon have own religion ..

You can not change the whole , but after change self ... ripples get settle slowly but till than high tides and low tides may hit ... anytime .

Under minds act , upon earth religion is the biggest possible war-center  in human history, next is all political under many cause eg; skin color become the another reason for Western & Asian-war , in entire human species man and woman comes under gender war on entire world .... other than human war against wild / pets creatures is also comes under another kind of war ... child and adult including old persons have another war .. now wise souls try to understand why Muslims covers as terrorists ... cos Muslims (shia + suni they divided is inside story.. from external eye they all are Muslims ) and those covers major part of earth as World Population Data . hearing Saudi is main center to give birth of shia n sunni terror-trail ... still they are biggest in numbers plus most dangerous and rich terrorist who wish to established prophet Mohammad and shariyat on "own" term ( not as per prophet Mohammad ).

On my point of view no any true religion is harm full and agreed without conflict there motive may be best for humanity,here is ; actual human mind and their interpretation is harmful for humanity and survivals , these all people puppet alike those not understand real religion . but all other groups not have such a big motive to cover earth and big network as they have .. their motive is purely to distortion to development which is not comes under their conditions .

I find mind-product- religion is like non-ended running feared horses upon high waves of vast Ocean , and spirituality gives calm walk to individual on same Ocean with knowing of life reality with acceptance and surrender to Ocean . So that, religion gives ritual to control outer world , though spirituality serves ritual to inner world for very self , to control only self .

as per my understanding , Knowing self is better always , rather effort to govern world religiously !

Om prana

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