Friday, 20 February 2015

Innocent Common Query of Mind

Y : Oh mind , i can run from anyone but how can i run from you ? i can control all feelings cos of you , i can save with all unwanted only cos of you .... many time curiosity comes how can i jump over to you ? 

L : Ans is Very simple n short " Awareness , Alertness and Awakening " are the tools to control over unwanted running , with all three wild horses will walk on desired direction .

Can't escape , can't kill , can't rule over , all are attempt goes in vain. all life lead only through mind even heart also take help to mind to express well logically of bhava .

Just think wise ! what one can do while Pranayam ! while meditation ! what one can do while chakra sadhna ? while Introspection ! , and why good food is precious for body and soul during sadhna or before and after ! why one may moves narrow in veins of chakra to sort out of damage . and how it is possible ! cos of mind..... only the mind is who is allow to body for good or bad receivings ! it means ; to allow self is big task ! hold on this allow factor !

All is right ! why we missing over here ,' Krishna as Sarthi Arjun as Soul and Sarathi tightly hold the rope of seven horses ...'

Spirituality is the condition of mind where is poison not entered . the body become ashram and mind is prim-minister , and Soul is powerful King with Honest Prime-minister , which is further make strong ministry for best rule over body - kingdom . and those ministers are senses .

So you can not run from any minister of yours , if you think so , forget it , you get failed on very first step .

If soul is wise she will catch the pulse of Mind is only source who can control over all administration well .

So mind is here , senses is here , soul is here , body is here , all is here , only "my" horses are in "my" ( mind )control . I'm the Arjun ( I ) Of my Krishna (wisdom) as Sarathi and horses moves well !

And Dhyan is the prime source to encounter self - king of kingdom .