Saturday, 28 February 2015

Shrunken Heart and expended mind - Osho

Mind & Heart

Whenever you are trusting, you will be relaxed, and whenever you allow any doubt, you will become tense in the heart -- because the heart relaxes with trust and shrinks with doubt.

Ordinarily people are not aware of it. In fact they continuously remain shrunk and contracted at the heart, so they have forgotten how it feels to be relaxed there. Knowing no opposite, they think that everything is okay, but out of one hundred persons, ninety-nine live with a contracted heart.

The more you are in the head, the more the heart contracts. When you are not in the head, the heart opens like a lotus flower... and it is tremendously beautiful when it opens. Then you are really alive and the heart is relaxed. But the heart can only be relaxed in trust, in love. With suspicion with doubt, the mind enters. Doubt is the door of the mind. It is like bait. You go fishing and you put out bait. Doubt is the bait for the mind.

Once you are caught in doubt, you are caught with the mind. So when doubt comes, even if it comes, then too it is not worth it. I'm not saying that your doubt is always wrong; that I'm not saying. I'm the last person to say that. 

Your doubt may be perfectly right, but then too it is wrong because it destroys your heart. 

It is not worth it. 

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
Chapter #3
Chapter title: None
30 June 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

( Surrender  to whom !   not less than  entity , Love to whom ! Not settle   in wont , in  elements , surely  you can make gate  to elements , thats  why you take birth on Earth in Human body  but don't   agree  to accept  less than  the Source  of main center . under the feeling  of trust  and gratitude , give your heart flower to not less than thy , and compassion and happiness  will sure follow  you. Om pranam )  

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