Wednesday, 11 February 2015

And i'm the Gardner

And , I have big responsibility  of my garden to cultivate to nourish  to nurture  and to make it as beautiful productive  by my own , cos no one is allocated   to make my garden  beautiful rather than me  from  the birth  till end , this my karma  to make me  fragrant first.  same as i have  everyone have own garden .

during making ,  cos i have limited allotted land , and my body have limited energy which is given by lord  for limited time , i need to create boundary wall first to  find limit  for work .  apart of  i need to  put more energy  to make earth fertile . after creating barricade with in circumference i started  work best of mine .  But all work possible after  create border because   Earth is big and body have limites , area is big  i can not make whole land  garden  but of-course  i can make one highlighted  area beautiful , i need to buildup  wall  to define  my work -zone . only than i will do  honest  and directional inputs .

with-in  master wall i have to create One  gate  for entry , and on this gate should have to post  "the honest-security" for best care , after that created  barricade  for different purpose ..  with in barricades   located seven areas for work . all seven protected  by  outer harmful attacks ..  than i started work to make fertile ground , only after that i inseminate  suitable  seeds ....  well ploughing and on time harvesting  is required .. under  good  guidance of Source  i am able to make Good garden of mine .

now i am able to see  beautiful garden  with flowers , birds are also coming.

my happiness spills  all around visible  on my daily walks around healthy crop , dancing trees with full of fruits on season  and beautiful blooming flowers  and to see flying butterflies  ..and feeling !  yes ,this is real sunrise inside ,  to make beautiful to my garden is total my responsibility  at all .

do you think it is other's ? or yours !

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