Friday, 30 January 2015

Curious minds and God !

That is amazed many times about God ; during mental churning of curious minds ... " how main source is equal for good and bad in prayers of humans with fruit of equality of their austerity or devotion ..! "

human victory and defeat total efforts and consequences basis or ripples alike by throwing stone in calm lake , you can say ; maximum or many times those are (in hidden ) mind's product only ; except exceptions .. cos few examples are those guided with natural magnetism forces called destiny .. 

Destiny is ; when  after doing best karma boat is sailing own way  , own path  . own speed .and fruits also comes own taste . and doesn't  matter   how good you are  in prayers  right now . you are busy doing prayers  for all good  but fruits are comes mixed . so nothing is much linked with prayers apart of  positivity generation . and if your prayers  is comes from greed  than no positivity generation possible . and you will see  still results  are in your way ..   So it is destiny .. but many times it is shape of ripples only .... cause of throwing karma stone  first by calm reservoir .  if not agree just recall from folded memory .. Prarabdh and destiny  itself  big chapter to understand  rotation of them . 

some time later will discuss  or you may find in this early blogs only  (in hindi ) 


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What is true wisdom ! in wise vision ;  the true wisdom is total away from wordily wars ( struggles / efforts) , this kind of wisdom says acceptance and surrender in front of whatever you did honestly and whatever you have just surrender all in lotus feet and you get neutral . 

than another theory of Karma and soul's karma rotations in one or many lives .. in this theory through wisdom and bhakti past and current karma ripples get calm , gradually with time and austerity .. 

though wisdom and awakening individual process .. nothing is related with entire world . though human world is running politically on profit and loss through minds ... vary much different , here are prayers also involves in gain / profit . 

So awakening and realisation of Source is very much different from world living and understandings about religion / Spirituality / bhakti . 

In wisdom trail, only one connection from very-self to very-vast. in surrender all poison get dissolves by self , so that reactions and karma chakra also get correct by self . 

and that's all 

namaste to all

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