Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Spirituality / Religion is all about : nutshell

The Rigidity ; neither Spirituality nor of any Religion call ( if it is anywhere its fake effort of minds for self existence only ) both are another name of home where soul get trained for compassion love and gratitude .. both are reminds soul is foreigner for Earth ... and visits here "to and by" spread love and compassion for limited time .. none of else ... its a prime motive love and taking care .. thorough gives n takes heart emoticon

Uncontrolled body and mind is full of lust and dictatorship quality .. even self is also comes under this ...

outer world or inner world .. no one is escaped from mental activity and effects / side effects .

All efforts are ; how to control uncontrolled running mad horses .... all technicalities only for that .

* Sit to be centralized with self nailing in sukhasana is one which is called meditation is one of Yoga comes under pranayam ... meditation is based upon breathing system .. fast breath slow breath , watching the gap between two in and out of breaths ...

* Lay down to be centralized is another Yogik posture another name is also Yog-Nindra .

* To sit with concentration in one neat place and explore the self chakras and related Bhava , is comes under control over self weaknesses .

* Physical involvement in yoga is all effort to in take about healthy for body mind and related to soul's health . in this method , healthy fresh food , nature- walks and deep breathing play important role.

* Clean and positive thoughts gives another highs ..... 

And in last ; what is for all about , just for peaceful living of soul to spread more love and compassion towards earth and creatures .

Body is just like mettle , either it is improved / in creased or decreased / deteriorate ... same as iron either it has serves with strength or it get rotten and slowly get merge again in self raw element .

Here you will find the whole Spirituality is a preparation for healthy living ... nothing else ... our surrender , our gratitude is our strength .. and keep in mind Spirituality is nothing more than .

But yes ! after attain all , when mind get ready to accept abundance, than find yourself for final big leap .... as guru always reminds to his disciple for final and last leap ... to dive in abundance of bottomless.. in "dark" ! but this leap not comes under plane of mind ... its just decreases the incidence... as fruit comes on planted tree . 

must understand the game of mind and ego :- 

This is my understanding to all who are works upon to come out with fear of death , true . spirituality have capability to take out from death-fear .. but this is also true .. it serves numbness also , some times numbness towards sensitivity .. though spirituality is by self super sensitive ... it get numbness towards life-fear if any and towards wordily love and by product pf emotional psychological pains... but be aware if numbness not wise it can take many lives without second thought ... ( as you can see in world over religious rigidity cos of new type of religion terror-tale ).

So be careful while austerity , it may sweet or may sour also .... in spiritual and religious extremes every- time do not lose connection with Source and same be grounded as realities of life ... compassion and gratitude must and love is base of all .

you can see many types bigotry of believes in this path cause of mind and ego play ., some where innocent following and some where political Inspired.

Religion is belief in someone else's experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.

~ Deepak Chopra ~

The Sharp and hard one Truth 

Life is one for everyone , to understand this fact whatever path is your's , it will take away towards him only ... either its as home person or forest person , either yogi or voluptuous... from every corner you may able to see grace of lord ... and direction for wheel of life path . so no one is greater no is lesser as Yogi , Sanyasi or Family-man .

The ever wise soul know well to grab opportunity according to grace and internal magnetism .... of her journey .... her each step towards thy only . 

ll roads are only markers to her .. 
Top of top , be responsible for own life for own every action ... do not leave place for blame others . whatever you are and wherever you are , its all you, for you and by you . 

Om is only real . 

You must put your Self behind consciousness so you are seeing consciousness functioning.

The divinity is most powerfully expressed in the " I AM " which is not associated with the changeful.

You must go to that place and stay there there.


RELIGIOUS DEVOTION / धार्मिक-आस्था :-

on the top of top we placed our dedication , few reasons are . on the imaginations of those we hide the key of self abstract . 

उन सी ऊंचाई पर हमने किसी को रखा नहीं। उसके कुछ कारण हैं। उनकी कल्
पना में हमने सारा जीवन का सार और समस्त कुंजियां छिपा दी हैं। 


you can understand... where devi and devtas have hidden treasure then what about ... sages and written scriptures ... all have key of great one treasure .... and guru is pointer towards key .. but all are only pointer even scriptures Sages and Devi & Devtas .. towards OM 

be wise be safe

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