Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Under Gratitude

Under the feel of Gratitude :- 

self-sight is very much essential for witness's health and after Improved  self-sight only One can go beyond as last leap from Body relationship or as Guru or any other elemental concern . few are still involves in many types of mental logic to prove ( ? ) The Influence , The Power and The kingdom of Guru , some how for me ; all comes under mental running. those people are only trapper of self and for others ; no doubt

Its very much surprising , those guru itself was / are very much busy to communicate in repetitive way 

" do not hookup upon me .... take your last leap without me ... make your own experience , make your own life wise with responsibility without blaming or judging, finally birth is alone as death is also , two hard facts are together moves with every one  and every-time . " 

Second thought is comes up , its true  water bubble bursting sound is very thin and weak ... is useless whenever one is not in position to notice  specially ! , but .... if bubble itself get enlightened .. then all effort of bubble to communicate about reality of existence is also useless .. try and try and involvement to communicate with effort comes under mind only , that is total useless . but under the feel of gratitude this is also comes under spirituality to pay respect whatever and wherever " those souls " serves in any ways either physical or frequencial wisdom .. they become ladder to push you up for look wide towards sky . 

this is also true , once sky do unfold his immanency than all wish get shatter automatic of creep like "worm" . now soul is butter-fly and touches highs is up to as fly high with own wings . 

Om with all respect and gratitude .

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