Wednesday, 21 January 2015

just be a mirror of lord

For come closer to center of Source very first do your Inner as pure and broad as your devotion is , just like mirror image of lord .... to receive abundance. 

Before involve in hairsplitting or to do surgery with confidence , make your-self as qualified surgeon rather than start practice alike road side dispensaries .....

During the time of austerity or attainment ; be squeezed as caterpillar resting in cocoon before become butterfly be set in self-inner only " Silence " is One strong mantra for . Spiritualism is not for practitioners . it is Inner capability for self , it is whole conversion of self pattern not others . so be careful and be fixed for austerity . Spirituality may take away whatever you have and in result it get filled also with abundance . but this abundance is not alike your mind thinking . Source Gift is much bigger and out of world .

Whatever in root become thought that become expression and that again get connect with all rightness with self only ... (this is small circle of self ) now when vibes spread in atmosphere by aura or throwing upon and catches by another one , than it takes shape of ripples . here is my plan to understand working get attached with self small circle of vibes . so just closely observe your pattern of circle . if it is narrow it will present narrow picture .. if it is broader it will present broader understanding ....

To change the quality of scene do broader your root > then thought > then vision followed by Scene (actually till vision you have all controls though outer scene is by product another name is reflection and here controls not available . only Intuition is present ; cos nature is straight .. mango seed gives mango fruit always .

During this churning , i am recalling two to thoughts , One is from Mother Marry's Son " whatever you have its taken from you , and if you are empty you get filled . "

And another is from Rumi ,'All people on the planet are children, except for a very few. No one is grown up except those free of desire."

And many more thoughts are in sky floating with same frequencies .. to understand actually the scale or plane of mindset one need to grow-up .

Certainly you will find other-than wisdom all acts comes from mind only of under "conspiracy and desire" ... desire further divided with different fruits of pain and happy taste . you reject if pain you accept if happiness ... but in results here is more than desire ripples works to cutting crop and that too not in control .

In short ; to understand that span One should need to grow from true inner ( artificiality doesn't works and fashion is always of outer world,s phenomena ) otherwise if here any understanding gap left one will certain understand some thing according to mind's reach ; for sure (as result in this world layered perception are exists according to minds and their reach of understandings ).

And best is you are only your true Judge and Guide plus you are your own Scale also . outer world is very much intuitive. for you and for others too .

another  thought comes :- Its a really painful situation for anyone , if one get thirsty and dissatisfied  cos of self acts that too  unknowingly  in ignorance  , only little and tiny inner situation can generate massive pain and bleed is " dissatisfaction " basically it is rooted from self , and reflection appears outer . and even you can't imagine at what extant this dissatisfaction produced poison within body .

life is only one for everyone , time is equal for everyone , earth is rotating same .. the difference is only dissatisfied heart is filled with sorrow cos of Ignorance . 

what is Ignorance ? and what is wisdom ? these two are always controversial as minds are get involved logic appears and knot of confusions get more stronger . 

During meditation all solution get appears by self .. so no hurry ! just keep yourself with Silence , and you will see .. all your pain get wash away with light of wisdom . do not lose hope . its not magical hidden truth .... it is every-time with us .. its only sit opposite of wordily eyes . 

Believe it what is going is going right way on your wheel of life . every path and every thought is towards main source only . your pain / bleed / wounds are knocking for awakening . though happiness too but for happiness difficult to you wake up , cos happiness absorbs quickly . 

Soon you will experience falseness of life pains including attachments .. as result quality appears within is apart of gratitude is love and affection with compassion not attachments not lust not anger and not any kind of hooking cos you know well it is not comes under your power . meaningless mind run get stopped . do not declare , do not teach to others you will defeat in your purpose . cos sinking zombies world is in wait to catch your mind again in mess . 

just nailed yourself with your Inner , with " aapo guru aapo bhavah " and believe it nature will be happy to unfold mystery . she is innocent cant hide anything .. it is only our clever mind who get close our wisdom eye . and two eyes are on work according to mind . 

so * be awake , * be alert and * be careful ! always reminds these three during austerity .

Be wise , be safe 

namaste .

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