Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Golden Rose

1 January 2015 at 08:40 AM
Just very first thought of morning , if you (anyone) interested in scaling  of self in as middle :-

How to find self middle perfect !

many time it gives strong feel and the reason of logic too , " i am in Yes side (though my mind gives feedback of wrong side or  another side )  and i am in middle ( though my mind serves flavor of logic ), i am wise ( though my mind  serve pleasure with pain ) , i am perfect ( cos i am wise ) and if i am facing trouble  cos of another side ..."  with logical mind it look  pretty correct  with no need of second thought of self correction,and life this way moving and passing slowly  with all self sealed rightness .

now think  this way :- my destination is nothingness , i am moving towards emptiness ,  i am in middle  always , ( in practice or without ) many time  i am nonjudgmental  too  and i am in practice  for 100 %  nonjudgmental  with All Yes   along with Gratitude , with all these ; i am improving continuous my inner quality of acceptance of " Yes "  naturally.

still if i feel shaky .. the reason is only , our legs  are not stable  as heart !  how we find legs are fixed  and able to hold  our weight . this is Science  to spread  weight in two plates to find perfect balance in middle  of scale .

so  where you are  and  as you are  always use  this  magical scale .. here i am using  this  for final adjustment  between  Sanyas  and Grihasth . cos ; though  it is very personal Inspiration to  chose  which path to live , but in last  all we are human who lives in  family  or out of family.Our own destiny is responsible  to move there.

I saw little confusion  of without knowing by person's other side  (of both side ) family person thought they are enough wise and sanyasi  find  they are most wise ... and its a long tale of conflicts among them , out of all as third point of Sakshi ; here i am saying how to do scaling self  rightly middle of two extreme.

Just think what Sakshi mean , we need to shuffle our self  many time  apart of  get enlightened.Cos Maaya attacks many ways uncounted  and unlimited times .. be careful and be watchful !!  during fair observation give this time  bigger place to put quality upon two plates of scale honestly either you are Sanyasi  or you are a family person  and third is ; who are inspire to get connect with source  that is neither home person nor sanyasi. the energy is away from any NOUN or ADJECTIVE .

First thing KEEP IN MIND , both can connect with very Center of Magnet , as one raw iron piece . Strong and real Magnet  able to make  another magnet from of normal iron piece . Here is, my magnet is One  and rest of all are raw iron pieces  , for charging... always use self battery with main direct point . Do not use multi-plug anywhere ,  for everyone have own natural connecting Point ....effuse total Sanyas on one plate  and  total  Home man's mind on another plate. Now feel how middle nailed Sakshi  can see to the both !  and if you are taking any of them either verbal conversation or within  any one's side logically , than for sure you are not in middle .. middle can see all dimensions  as he stand up of hill and watching in  deep n vast valley . if you are in middle,there is no Argument left  for either this or either that good or bad , loss or profit  side .

with this nonjudgmental  honest scale  put yourself honestly in middle nail of scale , cos on own walk path self honesty and self love  is major pushing vehicle to non distinct destination. if anyone forget or overlook this aspect , they get misguided  by Mind . cos this is not  right path with gives  Only Analysis of human's made  rights and wrongs .  if any kind of analysis takes place  means  " mind trapper " is active and honestly on work  as guided by Nature  . it analysis  may be from  any combination  of family to family , Sanyasi to sanyasi / Sanyasi to family / Family to Sanyasi / child to old / old to child  / old to old / child to child / male-male  / female-female / female male or male female  ... any possible combination or impossible too ; mind  may serve  with pleasure .

So be care full  with  Illusive , named - " mind trapper  equipment " some time  it take shape of  just alike  HEART !! it gives total wrong  image working as mind  as  sending vibe as it is from heart.  though  real heart is innocent and pure . its just like  bloomed wild  forest Rose  , its not cultivated and trimmed  by mind every time  among right and wrongs . Only selfAwareness  Alertness  and Spontaneous Conscious  guide well ... and good point is  it also done by mind  but here mind is not ruling upon senses  and follow own guidance  like honest servant .

that's why Kabir says ...

झीनी  झीनी  बीनी  चदरिया .
काह  के  ताना , काह  के  भरणी , कौन  तार  से  बीनी  चदरिया
इंगला  पिंगला  ताना  भरणी , सुषुम्ना  तार  से  बीनी  चदरिया .
अष्ट  कमल दल  चरखा  डोले , पांच  तत्त्व , गुण  तीनि  चदरिया
साईं  को  सियत  मास  दस  लगे , ठोंक -ठोंक  के  बीनी  चदरिया .
सो  चादर  सुर  नर  मुनि  ओढ़ी , ओढ़ी  के  मैली  कीनि  चदरिया
दास  कबीर  जतन  करी  ओढ़ी , ज्यों  की  त्यों  धर  दीनी  चदरिया .

Jhini jhini bini chadariya.
kah ke tana, kah ke bharni, kaun taar se bini chadariya
ingla pingla taana bharni, sushumna tar se bini chadariya.
ashta kamal dal charkha doley, panch tatva, gun tini chadariya
saiin ko siyat mas dus lagey, thonk-thonk ke bini chadariya.
so chaadar sur nar muni odhi, odhi ke maili kini chadariya
das Kabir jatan kari odhi, jyon ki tyon dhar deeni chadariya.

The Lord Supreme has woven a very fine and delicate tapestry,free of impurities of any kind!
What refined and subtle yarn, what complex interlacing, He has used to weave it!
Using veins and breath His threads Twenty four hours on end,His spinning wheel turns, 
Weaving the tapestry from all five essential elements.
Ten months does it take the Lord to weave his tapestry,
Using the greatest of craftsmanship, care and skill.

That exquisite tapestry is worn by the celestials,by Saints, and by human beings alike.
But they all invariably have defiled it !

Your humble devotee Kabir has worn it scrupulously and meticulously,
And is returning it to You, O’Lord, unblemished and pure !

Illusive Beautiful  and Fragrant with all thorn and tenderness  feel.
Illusive Beautiful and Fragrant with all thorn and tenderness feel.

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