Saturday, 10 January 2015

world essence - Jambolan

पुनिपुनि चन्दन पुनिपुनि पानी 
सालिग सड़ी गए हम का  जानी 

the story is of old time , when  Guru give a project to shishya  , " go to river  do wash  it and after giving bath well Shivlinga keep it back safely  on place for further worship .."  but some how by mistake  during washing The black stone  shivlinga  fell in river than he finds Jambolan fruit was exact on shape ... and give back to guru ji , when guru start worship the fruit loss his prime  skin ... than Guru questions  to his disciple.. than pupil reply funny how do i know  why  how its happens when you itself doing rubbing  and washing many times may be  shivlinga  get rotted. 

this is  only story  which leaves  many questions  in mind .... apart of  how and why Jambolan Fruit  get identified  as Spiritually and meaningfully ...  when  we cut it  we find  nothingness  till  end of center  .. in Ignorance if we start rubing  the whole fruit   in end  nothing will come in hand .. it is all emptiness ... though in middle  it has taste  it has  color and it has  shape also ... 

wow  ! what a wonderful fruit ! 

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