Thursday, 1 January 2015


every thing , thought , meeting , opportunity , failure, success , event , moment , wounds , tears , love  even hate ... any quality  you may find its just vehicle  to take you  till another vehicle-junction / station / jetty / port .... on this unknown travel , every birth and every deathis also  a kind of junction  to serve  required on travel plane ...  thats all . Other than  none of existence for  waste  and  non-required . your each breath is taken away  to you towards distinct Only , so be happy  , whatever  and wherever , it is for you  and very personal . life comes  jointly with moment to moment , its look like  with no  dividing  line , but it is present every time , everywhere , total life is  pieces of  moments . they come and they go  , next come and that is also  go with serving of sweet or sour fruit . so that you live One Life complete . with  dutiful way . isn't it  !  not only moment  even event also   comes one by one  

.. so that  it is advisable  whichever  event is running , live that in full .  that is only way of healthy living ! 

Vehicle are not only
scientifically  seasoned
moving Iron pieces
fearless running on roads  
unseen vehicle is running
also fearlessly  madly on
unseen road , for and by
Our mind soul and body

Vehicle is every thought
every moment
every momentum
every relation , young or old
every pain and every pleasure
even Skashi is also vehicle
who stand in middle of road
and watching  every  vehicle
moving nicely through them
every  cell is vehicle

we are vehicle of our own self
our own being is vehicles by others
and for others we are vehicle  to them
everyone is pusher everyone is runner
the way is lighted the way
we all are connected
and responsible  too
for every ripple of
responsibility or irresponsible-

Particular behavior flows in veins  
as vehicles through body & mind
by beautiful connection of Soul  ...!
diseases transported in generations
there are jeans vehicle for that
when pollen fly from flower and
spread grounded, re-rooted  on Earth
to them ; wind is  vehicle .............!
Same applicable One law of nature

the Only Wise can see  all  vehicular
chained ripples of actions-reactions
in surroundings or in  generations
in atmosphere or with-in  and all-out
without judgmental  without reactive
the only source  to give settlement
of ripples cause of throwing stone

just set in middle  and watch this
beautiful vehicle  created by you
with help of  five  elements
senses get live with help of mind
to give  you  in-back as return gift
illusion  and  chimera as mirror image
to watch exact do not trap in one view
not only for religion or created god
not in scale of duality or non duality
why ! cos splits are condition of mind
creation of creative  runner continues
the process of vehicle uses in Journey
to touch to feel  to take leap towards

just comes-up dear just comes-up
just comes-up baby One step more
just step............ more
life not get end onto understand her
this is just another beautiful start ...!

and its called baby walk :- 

Even one support is live ... you can not walk proper in confidence . just here n now do not try to patch-up , do not use bandage for any support , either emotional or physical , religious or political ..... just come out ! and you will surprise to see new kind of full of confidence and balanced walk .

* and you are in Love
* and you are in Gratitude
* and you are in Compassion
* and you are just Fragrant wild Rose

* * and that's "you" are ! 
Believe this ;  No One ( dharm shastra and dharm guru ) can serve you Truth in Plate or can give you readymade or off the peg methods to take you highest point flight , for sure you will feel one day alike king trishanku ...( neither this end nor that end ) this is all about self Inner journey and experience , (if) guru experienced due to his austerity and you will touch that due to your austerity


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