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:-The Great ( from Vaidik to till Today ) India -:

Preface :- Source of All That  Main Center ( named lord ) Connection's with each human being and with entire humanity here trying to explain  through short seed explanation of grand  Indian  History .

... endless stupidity of Bloody-Wars .

Compiled this is the short stupid human tale after Chankya and Chandragupta period... before it has also . but this period little closer to us . please add your thoughts....

One channel is epic , recently start , by chance and very Interesting i get connect with this , when program was running of Big Indian history *( very start ) i was connected with program when Hindu territory was know as Hindu Dynasty  , 

the below picture is able to tell Mughal Period Only  before that  and after that  , war history is much older . and map is just of India . do you feel  entire human have same common feeling of little love and little happiness ! they have common expression of love and smiles . deep feelings have no language . they are absolute frequencial .

The king Babar was first who takeover this hindu dynasty .. and muslim rule get start .his son was Humayun who get defeated from sher shah suri , Sher shah suri take over Muslim ruled Indian dynasty . In this time when India was quite big in area not shrink as today it is . The Man Hemu ( leter famous as Vikrmaditya ) who give defeat to sher shah suri , and after long period the hindu dynasty comes under hindu king once again . but again One child Humanyun,s son Akber give defeat to King vikrmaditya (Hemu ) and get ruled over India for long , The King Akbar was soft king for religiously . he had also 9 famous gems in his advisory, famous name are Birbal , Rahim , Mansigh ,Tansen , Raja todermal , Mir Fathullah Shirazi , Fakir Azeya-ud-din , Mulla do pyaza , Abdul fazal . It was period from 14 October 1542 – 27 October 1605 .Historically Famous Rajput King Mahraja Uday veer ,s ( saved by panna dhay ) son Marana Pratap was on same period of Akbar ( Historians also have proves that Dadu the spiritual Guru and Meera was also of same period ). Mughal empire rules till  Britishers knocking .... for long time in very small area of India was ruled by Rajputs but when Britisher enters that time was when The Brave King Prathviraaj chauhan fall in love with Kannauj Rajkumari Sanyogita, her father was Jai chand famous for deceit against His son in law ( in the fire of revenge he forget to his daughter also ). he get shakh-hand with Britishers against his brave son in law in revenge . by self He was defeated and killed by Muhammad Ghori Jaichand's son Harish Chandra ruled Kannauj as a subordinate of Muhammad Ghori , when Iltutmish ended his reign and Indian history takes again turn . and Britishers ruled after Mughal dynasty In India about 200 years , Aftre many Independence wars again history take new turn when little intelligent man throw out from train in south Africa , he was established lawyer in London , and in one case he was boarded to South Africa , under his Ignorance Impact of  color war in south Africa ( though he was hinted about black and white fights in south Africa ) he booked ticket of first class for  destination to attend case . he get sit on booked berth and ticket checker Objected and throw him on cloistered small station . this is the point when that man think first and decide to come India , to serve India for Freedom .

So small Human entire History it get  squeezed  and closed in small fist .....

In Front of Great Indian History Mahabharat war was the first war which is get fought  without any established religious war parameters ( causes are speckled stapled ) but acquired along history big pain killings of lives with entire very stupid reasons as shadowed. (its true today also it is going not ended )

True ..... 

The World is tough to every soul , Karma and hardship beneath survival is big issue to everyone ... Funny is many time survival get difficult to self only big example is human itself acquired many generated issues . eg ; politically / religiously / myths / inside warrior / hatred / and many alike .... generations get passed but these basic issues is fixed as cotter of ship.

It was very interesting to touch again that era. 
pic reflection is only for one period and very limited ...
in front of the big span of human evidence on Earth.

Human  wars evidences  are  much earlier  even from Vaidik period ... in the Nehru Book " Bharat ek Khoj " is brilliant collection  of Human Indian history , very  first  earth  had different  structure  even Oceanic  corridors  was different in shape , it was  covers most Asian  area  , and Srilanka  was  in Ocean  and  disconnected with Main land .  and  before vaidik period  their are evidences  of   Stone age  human being .  its a very long tale of developments .... which are  also  had bath  time to time  from  blood of   same Human  Societies ... but cause  was same ...  Victory , Expedition of Kingdoms. and Every Time it is  stand upon Illusive  livings , Ignorance  of self Identity , and  total madness .  no wisdom  At all . 

 Whatever  can visible in any era ...... One is wise  among lacs .. and it is really less .  and  that one   trying hard to give  wisdom  but  that Pure Soul get  start worshiped and use prayers by human  for  wordily needs . whatever that soul tried to say , that covers  under Ignorance dust . Its Going On  and On , with Non stop  running . 

Om Pranam 

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