Saturday, 27 December 2014

Raise your consciousness: Anant sri

 Raise your consciousness through meditation and love, live in gratitude

Is there something like evil or dark forces and white forces ?

Anant Sri : yes, dark forces do exist, but there is no such thing as darkness, there are only different levels and frequencies of light. When light is at such level that it is not perceivable by our seeing faculties then we call it darkness. Dark or evil forces are those entities who are at very low level of light or they don't want to see light knowingly or unknowingly. They prefer to live in a world of illusions and fantasies
Life has many dimensions, known and unknown. You don't need to be superstitious but there are many hidden forces in life that can affect your life positively or negatively, so called dark forces can wreck a havoc and disorder in life. You attract hidden energies according to your similar patterns of energy. Dark or evil first takes place in your thoughts and emotions then it sets stage for hidden forces and entities to play.

It is fear and by products of fear as hate, rage, jealously, manipulation, greed,possessiveness, lust for power and control etc. that creates an opening for the dark forces to play and love is a great force that protects you from all evil and dark forces. Always remember that like attracts like. You attract what you are, so bring focus on yourself. Raise your consciousness through meditation and love, live in gratitude. Never condemn or hate evil or dark forces, instead, pray for their awakening, send vibes of love and awareness towards them, because it is lack of love and awareness that makes someone evil.

Rise in love and light and soon there will be no evil or dark around you.

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