Friday, 5 December 2014

See the beauty of The Shiva !

 -:Its a beautiful expression of clever Mind :- 
Yes , 

As with mind, people have limitation , in duality ... people have one side vision , beauty is curiosity to understand of other side to understand complete circle  according to grasping and their owning sensitivity , they able to do journey upon whole circle , it may they get ride of whole round. 

And the cause they able to break also this circular rotations , which one firstly they have only half circle walks . many times they come back from mid point and in ignorance they find full walk . 

Those who get full circle , they become Sufi or saint . and those break this circle , they become enlightened . why i am differentiating among Sufi Saint and enlightened one ! it has tiny reason , and one last break only ... 

That is Last point in journey which ( Sensitivity )  is also a cart till to reach this Sufi/ saint 's  point  , it is final  "Sensitivity Break" , which sufi and saint doesn't have and enlightened have .

People have birth right to understand according self brain , so that they have ! m i right ! Otherwise they get puppet ... its a blessings from Shiva . its a mind only who is running some time with self controls and many times without controls .. but all is comes under will of One Power . Journey is of self only .

See the beauty of The Shiva ... he provides freedom to work , to think , to develop . and whatever will do , its convert into prarabdh and destiny !!! and how beautiful all , i am grateful for this freedom and this faith of Shiva upon Us.

Its a human only who wants full control over others physically or mentally .

Regards to your journey

keep it up !

Om Pranam

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