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The soul have own senses

" The earth goes on the earth glittering with gold, 

The earth goes to the earth sooner than it should, 

The earth builds on the earth castles and towers, 

The earth says to the earth , all this is ours. "

 The Ralph 

             The five  senses  and sixth  above of five  is intuitive , as we all know  about theses  having entire creature moving or non moving ,

             On the principle  of Oneness i feel , same  acquisition  of senses In All . this is nature,s law without  create difference .

The  Seeing  (main cause of sense of  insecurity this is goes to Swadhishthan )

The Hearing  (main cause of sense of  insecurity this is goes to Swadhishthan )

The Smell (  Solar plexus)

The  Talk  (Throat)

The Touch (Heart)

The  Perineum (mooladhar)


as seventh  (  third eye / agyan )

The Intuition ( ability to think)

and above of Intuition is

Sahstradhar  the place of Shiva / Center  / The Very Source

           These are senses  due to sensitivity ...  either they look same or not  all have these senses  in many from  some one have  one or more than one strong .

            If we get chakras in our body  and  everywhere in brahmand even  in one tiny cell on Earth Planets  and  Glaxies  and even Center have also Complete  7 Chakras , than Of course  eachof Chakra is must resonate  of their related senses . if senses are resonating  of with their linked  chakra  there presence is any where  and everywhere......

Very Important to keep in mind ; Here is  we are  discussing ," What we know is a point to what we do not know "

Same on energy level  as we found  pure  energy  though she cant have language as we have . yes she have her own language .  she also have  her own body  and own senses .  Same   in his Metaphor Science Book  Aristotle  tried to say .

According to The Aristotle, every animate being is a living thing which can move itself only because it has a soul. Animals and plants, along with human beings, are more like each other than any of them are like any inanimate object, since each of them has a soul. Thus, his great treatise on psychology, On The Soul, offers interconnected explanations for the functions and operations of all living organisms.

All such beings, on Aristotle's view, have a nutritive soul which initiates and guides their most basic functions, the absorption of food, growth, and reproduction of its kind. All animals (and perhaps some plants) also have a sensitive soul by means of which they perceive features of their surroundings and move in response to the stimuli this provides. Human beings also possess (in addition to the rest) a rational soul that permits representation and thought. (On the Soul II 2)

Notice that each living thing has just one soul, the actions of which exhibit some degree of nutritive, sensitive, and/or rational functioning. This soul is the formal, efficient, and final cause of the existence of the organism; only its material cause resides purely in the body. Thus, all of the operations of the organism are to be explained in terms of the functions of its soul.

The Rumi  Great Sufi  another expression of Love  and Divinity  says once in mood  :-

The Soul has been given its own ears to hear things that this mind can not understand . Rumi

Here is  only  is clear to the Soul senses  not to reach successful   and to  not understand  through  wordily senses  , if any want to   touch they have to feel , Soul is vibrating .  due to feel is  above  wordily senses  so that it comes under mystic experiences ...  and  expressed also by mystics . 

Most of we live on  very inner physical body with abundance of wordily desires , Pleasure Sorrows and Pains , rest of  Improve Inner quality  through para body senses attainments in otherword Austerity  and Improvement towards higher self .. Gradually final shape attained as merging A drop In Ocean of Brahma . 

According to Ralph Walso Emerson on Soul senses :. " The first questions are still to be asked. Let any man bestow a thought on himself, how he came hither, and whither he tends, and he will find that all the literature, all the philosophy that is on record, have done little to dull the edge of inquiry. The globe that swims so silently with us through the sea of space, has never a port, but with its little convoy of friendly orbs pursues its voyage through the signs of heaven, to renew its navigation again forever. The wonderful tidings our glasses and calendars give us concerning the hospitable lights that hang around us in the deep, do not appease but inflame our curiosity; and in like manner, our culture does not lead to any goal, but its richest results of thought and action are only new preparation. 

Here on the surface of our swimming earth we come out of silence into society already formed, into language, customs, and traditions, ready made, and the multitude of our associates discountenance us from expressing any surprise at the somewhat agreeable novelty of Being, and frown down any intimation on our part of a disposition to assume our own vows, to preserve our independence, and to institute any inquiry into the sweet and sublime vision which surrounds us. 

And yet there seems no need that any should fear we should grow too wise. The path of truth has obstacles enough of its own. We dwell on the surface of nature. We dwell amidst surfaces; and surface laps so closely on surface, that we cannot easily pierce to see the interior organism. Then the subtlety of things! Under every cause, another cause. Truth soars too high or dives too deep, for the most resolute inquirer. See of how much we know nothing. See the strange position of man. Our science neither comprehends him as a whole, nor any one of its particulars. See the action and reaction of Will and Necessity. See his passions, and their origin in the deeps of nature and circumstance. See the Fear that rides even the brave. See the omnipresent Hope, whose fountains in our consciousness no metaphysician can find. Consider the phenomenon of Laughter, and explore the elements of the Comic. What do we know of the mystery of Music? and what of Form? why this stroke, this outline should express beauty, and that other not? See the occult region of Demonology, with coincidence, foresight, dreams, and omens. Consider the appearance of Death, the formidable secret of our destiny, looming up as the barrier of nature.

Our ignorance is great enough, and yet the fact most surprising is not our ignorance, but the aversation of men from knowledge. That which, one would say, would unite all minds and join all hands, the ambition to push as far as fate would permit, the planted garden of man on every hand into the kingdom of Night, really fires the heart of few and solitary men. Tell men to study themselves, and for the most part, they find nothing less interesting. Whilst we walk environed before and behind with Will, Fate, Hope, Fear, Love, and Death, these phantoms or angels, whom we catch at but cannot embrace, it is droll to see the contentment and in curiosity of man. All take for granted, — the learned as well as the unlearned, — that a great deal, nay, almost all, is known and forever settled. But in truth all is now to be begun, and every new mind ought to take the attitude of Columbus, launch out from the gaping loiterers on the shore, and sail west for a new world . 

This profound ignorance, this deep sleep of the higher faculties of man, coexists with a great abundance of what are called the means of learning, great activity of book-making, and of formal teaching. 

It is not that the literary class or those for whom they write, are not lovers of truth, and amenable to principles. All are so. The hunger of men for truth is immense; but they are not erect on their feet; the senses are too strong for the soul. Our senses barbarize us. When the ideal world recedes before the senses, we are on a retrograde march. The savage surrenders to his senses; he is subject to paroxysms of joy and fear; he is lewd, and a drunkard. The Esquimaux in the exhilaration of the morning sun, when he is invigorated by sleep, will sell his bed. He is the fool of the moment's sensations to the degree of losing sight of the whole amount of his sensations in so many years. And there is an Esquimaux in every man which makes us believe in the permanence of this moment's state of our game more than our own experience will warrant. In the fine day we despise the house. At sea, the passengers always judge from the weather of the present moment of the probable length of the voyage. In a fresh breeze, they are sure of a good run; becalmed, they are equally sure of a long passage. In trade, the momentary state of the markets betrays continually the experienced and long-sighted. In politics, and in our opinion of the prospects of society, we are in like manner the slaves of the hour. Meet one or two malignant declaimers, and we are weary of life, and distrust the permanence of good institutions. A single man in a ragged coat at an election looks revolutionary. But ride in a stage-coach with one or two benevolent persons in good spirits, and the Republic seems to us safe.

It is but an extension of the despotism of sense, — shall I say, only a calculated sensuality, — a little more comprehensive devotion which subjugates the eminent and the reputed wise, and hinders an ideal culture. In the great stakes which the leaders of society esteem not at all fanciful but solid, in the best reputed professions and operations, what is there which will bear the scrutiny of reason? The most active lives have so much routine as to preclude progress almost equally with the most inactive. We defer to the noted merchants whose influence is felt not only in their native cities, but in most parts of the globe; but our respect does them and ourselves great injustice, for their trade is without system, their affairs unfold themselves after no law of the mind; but are bubble built on bubble without end; a work of arithmetic, not of commerce, much less of considerate humanity. They add voyage to voyage, and buy stocks that they may buy stocks, and no ulterior purpose is thought of. When you see their dexterity in particulars, you cannot overestimate the resources of good sense, and when you find how empty they are of all remote aims, you cannot underestimate their philosophy.

Osho  tried to Say on Body  Senses  :-

'In all the variety of our daily activities, is their anything lacking? The spiritual light manifesting through the six senses…'

"The six senses have to be noted down. Ordinarily we talk only of five senses; the sixth is dormant. The moment you turn in, the sixth sense starts working. Hence when the Buddhists talk about six senses it amazes people – where is the sixth sense? It is not visible, it is when you close your eyes: suddenly you see a new sense penetrating in your interiority which you have never known before. It has always been there, but you have never turned inwards. So Buddha always talks about six senses.

'The spiritual light manifesting through the six senses has never been interrupted.'

"Now it should be made seven senses, for the simple reason…Up until this century physiologists were not aware that in your ear there are two senses, not one. One is the sense of hearing and the other is the sense of balance. The drunkard wavers, wobbles as he walks, for the simple reason that the alcohol affects the sense of balance. He wants to put his foot in one place, and it goes to another. This sense that is hidden in the ear has never been mentioned in the past, because it is not as manifest as eyes, ears or hands. The poor drunkard suffers because of the sixth sense.
"So I would like to change the order. The seventh sense is the buddha-sense, the buddha-eye. The sixth you all have. Somebody hits on your ear, and suddenly you feel the whole world moving – that is the sixth sense.

"A drunkard is trying hard to open the lock of his door. His wife had got tired of him; he won't listen, he will come home whenever he feels like it – in the middle of the night…So she said, 'You keep the key and you silently open the door, go into the room, and sleep."

              On One  time The Aristotle  says On Human Body is the gate of Soul-Senses , through knowledge to wisdom  Soul get rediscover self :- 

Human Knowledge

Sensation is the passive capacity for the soul to be changed through the contact of the associated body with external objects. In each variety of sensation, the normal operations of the appropriate organ of sense result in the soul's becoming potentially what the object is in actuality. Thus, without any necessary exchange of matter, the soul takes on the form of the object: when I feel the point of a pin, its shape makes an impression on my finger, conveying this form to my sensitive soul (resulting in information). (On the Soul II 5)
Thought is the more active process of engaging in the manipulation of forms without any contact with external objects at all. Thus, thinking is potentially independent of the objects of thought, from which it abstracts the form alone. Even the imagination, according to Aristotle, involves the operation of the common sense without stimulation by the sensory organs of the body. Hence, although all knowledge must begin with information acquired through the senses, its results are achieved by rational means. Transcending the sensory preoccupation with particulars, the soul employs the formal methods of logic to cognize the relationships among abstract forms. (On the Soul III 4)
Desire is the origin of movement toward some goal. Every animate being, to some degree, is capable of responding to its own internal states and those of its external environment in such a way as to alleviate the felt absence or lack of some pleasure or the felt presence of some pain. Even actions taken as a result of intellectual deliberation, Aristotle supposed, produce motion only through the collateral evocation of a concrete desire. (On the Soul III 10

           you can see  in these explanations  human  skills  finds  amazing , Curiosity is not wrong ,  Desire  is not wrong , Thoughts  are use full , Sensation are very useful for researchers or Scientist ... Suspicion is also a quality  it is helpful in findings ,  questions  are  very nice mental  conspiracy, it is help to understand  unknown subjects ...... it indicated you are not accept the Knowledge  as it is . you have sense of Inquiry .... 
           Actually  these are quality   A Gift ;  a divine  gift ,  which is  human get for Divine Cause .  Nothing is wrong .keep in mind Only perceptions are wrong and wright  that too  in coin  which have two sides . actually  qualities are  just  qualities  and for use to divinity . Of course  Balance needed  as nature also run under supreme  Balance , how can we get out of  balance  ! 

          Mystery  have own world and  they live with us  they interested to open self in front of right  Soul , those can  understand them .  thats all , and believe  that world is more simple , more spontaneous than this worldly  mindful political world ... here is  everything positive except , Dedication making  and Judgments giving   under Darkness  and  Ignorance   those are   Real   Enemy Of  Human . though Ignorant is Innocent  but under Ignorance  acts  are much bloody . they give long last impact even after wisdom comes ... 

           So be care full about  to be Ignorant !! 

 In life journey , you must get light  to remove Ignorance and darkness . 

Take care  and Good wishes

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