Monday, 1 December 2014

The truth behind worshiped Statues

I heard and find very much correct , the statue establishment story , take Budhha and Mahaveer  as example , those have established in statues  among society allover world in very recent of human worship history .. many statues also established area wise . It is also true which form we get today of shape and face of statues or pics original was not as same Psychically they get worshiped ... they have today with specific symbols on their body and they also get decorated ( cloths and ornaments according to local culture, country to country , even it reflect in seat also to sit or standing)  eg; Budhha have Juda not for beauty of heir safety . Actually The Juda is bump of head , which shows wisdom bump of The wise  .  

In India The Budhha seated on lotus in blessing posture , covered with One cloth .. in other countries they found standing blessing posture with local shoes also wearing local clothes . they are different and developed  in form of statues according to  culture  In different countries . 

Same it is with Meera Kabir and Other Old age sages and in today scenario Osho yes ! he is little resembling with real .. but same thing .. after thousand years .. the shape the size the clothes features every thing will get change , where to correct right one you will be not their , or if you will be as energy is there but not in with today memory. you will also new in new birth new cloth new series of collection ( only with invisible prarabdha)

O, wise man , try to understand the history of statues ! same it is with human made gods also , you are not worshiping same , as people get emotionally charged and ready to do any extent for prestige of that statue ....

Yes ! if your bhakti towards tatvas Only  than okay with your madness but if your bhakti towards prime towards center , than center has no shape. it is shapeless , formless , language less and beyond any wordily affairs . Wise Pure Soul always touch to that point through direct worship , and beauty is that source is myth-less also . this is same verdict many time get repeated in every religious literature also. but we always get trapped in statues cause our daily ...illusive ... changeable .... full of fear needs .. and so much we deeply get inclined and same proportion those gives hurt and dissatisfaction also . but we also determine , whatever is going we will support it forever , even we died one day with same psychology , so what , we come in next birth and again we live with same .

The Understanding and The Dedication is not limited on statue or related pics . base is all journey from bhakti and wish is unconsciously it is towards mukti .. but its knocking in when inner get burst. wisdom is taking care throughout even before burst.

Listen what actual whispered Source-Voice is want to communicate in total communion, that is only real .the real value of statue is only medium to connect with same . rest is all comes under illusion. even prayers of alike beggar is also funny .. not have any real essence pf worship or bhakti. not even things get 

solve only this kind of prayers gives inner-strength to pass the difficult time . time is in floating stage . it will come and it will go . it will give according to distinct , not less not excess . it is very fare.

Try to understand and try to connect which is real gem . brightest shiny on top of top. to find that shine ; need reconnect with own center , the only which is direct already connected with Source. you have to cut your all illusion one by one or altogether.

The Real gem is shines within very center  and  on vyom it is very Center , both in duality are  well connected 
The Supreme fact of humanity is you are Tranche of Source , here nothing is yours , you are guest , so that you are Obelised by nature , cos she gives you her part to survive here well , and for cause our survival is here for limited time . Due to you are split you continues need for counterpart , Indeed ; tree is not . as you are Natural with desire same all split souls are in same desire .. so that searching counterpart comes under natural desire . but above of it is also true if particle is complete as brahmand we are also complete in one body , we have also with complete particles with in body . Only bhava / emotions play or reflections is different according to chemical combinations everyone is full and complete. you can charge your half and sleepy energy with the help of chakras balance . this is the UNITY OF ARDHNARISHWARA in one human body . little under dissection it is same available for wise in male and female . and this is same visible for more wiser.... it is in Entire Earth beneath atmospheric-layer .

Do you know , you can understand with example of an apple ; as apple fell down on earth cos result of gravity . you also fells (comes) on earth cause of tatva body . though you soul is pure and light .Under great Illusive ignorance tatva's chemicals uncontrolled combos is main cause of illusion comes under their illusive wisdom .
O' my God !

Mad / Ignorant Human it is sad on their part , their living is under Ignorance the result is wars , killings , and other bad behaviors .

In very-source in form of energy ... we are really pure , impurities are result of split of good and bads. and ignorance is pushing on adversities....

How to penetrate on ignorant sleepy minds. Those , who are involves to doing bads for humanity, killings for power, killings of innocents just for power and money ! what else in base other than limited foolishness with unlimited sorrow !

Om , Om , Om

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