Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Nuts (Nov-Dec 2014) -5

31 Dec 2014.

Lessons Beyond Learning !
for a very easy to understand , when i read a book of the class which i get promoted to go for next year , it gives different pleasure , while i am on going in class and reading same book gives different stress and when i get clear the class and year back i read same book it gives different kind of pleasure and this time learning too .... amazing three layers of learning present in every aspect .

(calceolaria uniflora; nature is amazing teacher)

4 Dec 2014 

* Now i understand the meaning exact ,' i 'm loud cos of genuine listener ' ( if i get silent .. may some "one" get thirsty or needful get needy..) ( *quotations are fragrance bottle , decorated nicely at flagrance shop not flower shop , go select according to budget and come happy with selected one ... wild flowers are amazing they come they have fragrance and they get dry .. but where they bloom that area get fragrant (but limit is of time cos of world is changeable continues ))

*receivers are many , many meaning many senses ,many perceptions , but center is one . same with One word. according bhava and to receiver it get change shape and size. 

* May find many definitions of love this and that all are just covers one circle . of one layer ......either in higher energy , it cover higher circle or in lower it cover lower "One at a time" ... Love also lives in layers and give effect in layers according to callings . the very being of love is gravity less ... or can say free of gravity . so deep so profound on every layer , love is pure .

* In duality watching covers from both ends .. one is from down and one is from far above ..but in Non-duality, who is watcher and to whom ! Om

2 Dec 2014 

Calculation-less Small math of life :-
Life = Love with Regards Including Responsibility and Respect

1 Dec 2014 

Very beautiful verdict by Murari Bapu :- "those have interested in reading Geeta for knowledge , They should have to read start , but those who want to learn and absorbs, they can go from any page .. Geeta is One Maha gratnta which have capable to change sorrow into pleasure ..; even till today though it is very old . "
It is well known fact , each and every shlok is meaning full as life , it is according to social life. it is wise and broad and running as bhrahm putra . each shlok embraced deep meaning. (s , mind to mind) . just read again last line " it is capable to change even today" means we are same psychologically as we were with little good and most bads , little patience more hurts .Otherwise this verdict also get diluted , but some how Geeta is still today applicable as before ( human's hardluck).

28 nov 2014 

जे पहुंचे ते कहि गए, तिनकी एकै बात।।
सबै सयाने एकमत, उनकी एकै जात।। Dadu

27 nov 2014 

Welcome to Time , as is where is basis:-prior of ripe if fruit get cut forcefully it may sour in the place of sweet . do not force to destiny , welcome smoothly whatever time is comes and say bye bye in going . do not hooked with sentiments . cos they have to pass with time . to control time , to pull or push time not in our limit . do not try hard like kid . Only in hand , to live with good deed option .
Om Pranam

26 nov 2014 
The Circles of life :-
There are many circle and their complete rounds here is love , cos love most in talks ... love is this and love is that , so one to understand the complete circle ... nothing you can take with self , you are born empty and go empty is your full and final circle ....
.... Its Amazing sequence , the Love was First encounter and soul was very first receiver from Mother , and Love is the last sentiment for ceremonial offering to an lotus feet of Source.
So ; the way One the very important and main alike festive circle of LOVE take complete walk on life circle . it has biggest walk in front of Other sentiments .
Om Pranam

25 nov 2014 

* Sentiments are very commonly flows within Common man , Sentiments are not for Center , Nature and Sages , their dealings are Same as with particle or Center in the form of Gunas

* Human made world may look attractive in first appearance of polishing on surface , but after look again entire human made world is developed with little wisdom of Science and big foolishness of Ingnorence of life; as basic.

23 nov 2014 

I find do you find friends , any similarity among beheaded flowers and humans, both are equal brutal act . One is Silent and another is crying . In vast nature if you are not listening those voices , how may nature will listen your 's , and very center is most far to listen your selfish voice .
you did beheaded flowers for reason and another human doing beheaded for their reason ! both are brutal same in front of Lord and Mother Earth

21 nov 2014 

Gunas (as one thread) comes in cyclic motion .. 
again n again , in many rounds . 
they may be different shape color and sizes. 
just be witness. is more than enough. 
*Patience, *Acceptance and *Surrender is the Only Key.

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