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keep going-on with little precaution

  Keep going-on with little precaution 

  Keep Mystic safe In your Heart cave 

"Listen . Keep silent .You are not gods mouthpiece. Try to be an ear."~Rumi

            On the path of Spirituality and step-in in austerity , as everyone knows , * those who are in process  and * those also walks in Spiritual path  who are depends upon mind  in suspicion and logical , they feel and pass through different experiences , mostly may are not true , it is very possible , most of them may Illusive and the result of free ride  and imaginations of mind . 

                But this is also true on Spiritual path is Soul goes through mind to get above mind ,its a kind of tunnel which is end of light , but  process may confusing ....  cos travel is Innocent , but attraction is  pushing  to her  towards   distinct path . 

            why its happens ; cos its like tea making after pouring ingredients we wait till boil and after that we use too to use filter to get filtered tea ; cos with waste tea get polluted and it gives wrong message about her nice taste and affect .

                Our conscious also in the path of Austerity On Spiritual way with many necessary Ingredients  tea is making  and Souls are with time by self get filtered ,  in another example  one can understand  as pot making with  raw clay .. its very soft   but after  cook  in  fire  it become  beautiful  and ready  for service , till than  pot not break 

               And magically these tea  Ingredients are different through mind to mind ; In pot you can say particles  are different  they also passing though process  while cook in fire ..... Here ,  i want to share , this is very prime instruction given by enlightened souls / Gurus , " kindly do not share your spiritual experiences to everyone ,"  why ? cos many of them who are in first step  or just curious to listen magical stories  are not able to understand . 

              On Other  hand ; this precooked experiences  many of them may not true also they  find just as  dreamy ride ,  they are giving confusion through description for descriptor also same as listener .. as result only The Bud-faith , who have just start bloom will get fade for no reason only cause for premature popups only . 

               Many meditation techniques  use imagination to help you connect to an energetic phenomenon which is already there in you, but which you are unaware of. Osho has always said that imagination is very powerful, because energy follows imagination.

There is a basic fallacy that human beings fall into: they find a small truth, a part of the truth, and rather than discover the whole, the remaining part they imagine to fill up the gap. Because they have part of the truth, they can argue and they can manage to make a system, but the remaining part is simply their invention.
All the systems have done that. Rather than discovering the whole truth, it is the human tendency to say, "Why bother ? We have found a small piece which is enough for the showcase, which is enough to silence any enemy who raises any question" -- and the remaining is just invention. Osho , Vigyan Bhariav 

             an article by Anando published in the italian Osho Times:- As always, science is a little behind the mystics, who have known about the power of imagination for centuries. But science has finally ‘proved’ this power. At Harvard Medical School, neuroscientist Alvaro Pascual-Leone taught a bunch of students a little five-finger piano exercise. Then the group was divided into two. One group had to come every day for five days to practice the music for two hours. At the end of each day's practice, scientists mapped how much of the motor cortex of the brain controlled the finger movements needed for the piano exercise. After five days of practice, the motor cortex devoted to these finger movements had grown significantly.The second group also came every day for five days, but instead of practicing their music on a piano, they were told to just imagine their fingers were playing for the two hours. Then they too were tested. And to the great surprise of the researchers, they discovered that the region of motor cortex that controls the piano-playing fingers also expanded in the brains of volunteers who imagined playing the music, just as it had in those who actually played it.
                   In other words, they discovered that imagination can actually alter the physical structure and function of our brains.
                   So keep going with your meditation practices – they are creating new neural pathways in your brain which will make permanent changes in your life.
                   Best is , peaceful walk on path  with patience  and  be in faith  of distinct , whatever comes accept  cos this is ultimate way to teach  you by destiny . She is already thinking for you and already in action .  just be little aware  and awaken , don't get sleepy while  destiny comes in front of you with many lessons  serves one by one or sometime altogether . Nature is repetitive  in lesson serving  till than you not get awake. 

you can do many miracles on this issue where many creatures are helpless but they are happy in limited resources, they can not think more , they are well adjusted with life they have  , but you are not satisfied  due to Conscious-full Mind , you have many questions  you have many  confusions , you have thirst  also , what is the base of your continues inquiry  So * Use this  quality Positively for self first , Inquire  everything  from self within , Go inside ride , rather outer-word wandering ,  with this  quality  you also have big responsibility to help  nature  and at least do not destroy  this  responsibility  allotted  from lord ;  as gift... given potential to you .  

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Take care and Continue walks

Om Pranam

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