Monday, 1 December 2014

A Divine Letter ( not God letter ) For Good Life

To , 

Dear Pure Soul , 

To fine adjustment with self , feel naturally Nature , yes ! you are  already with natural body , natural chemicals , you have to given job .. to do wisely control of over -mixture of entire "self" body chemical productions .

So that ; examples and curiosity both are surrounded within, how ! and why ! , for whom ! and for not ! after and before control over flow benefits and loss !

* How ... Nature have finest balance , the reason Yogi follows nature for perfect balance . 

* Why ! it will push to you on the world of Joy .

* To wh
om... very first and last you and you only .. 

* Not .. never for others give in generous of your trail services . all services for self . 

* Before ... you are due to ignored growth a imbalance personality acquired in long spend time of your age  from birth , with churning of cause and clause in mental Claws. Given clue  and judgments  unlimited self and others is birth right of mind . Here is control . cause now  by many reasons poison merged deep
in and its gives now bad effect to self the result surrounding is get poisonous .. 

* After.. you are getting balance on chemical flow and mixing , your reaction cool down , your suggestive and judgmental skill also in control . you can think for self bigger journey and motive . you are not here for only bird chirping . to get calm you can do much better for others " who are needy " keep in mind do not serve to everyone ! 

In this balancing process ; you will find Rocks are good strong enough but hard and during finding way they need to blast water is co much watery his survival in both ways either flow or get soaked by earth , Air is Invisible and flowing , energy is already on work outer and inner naturally in balance if you not disturb her by your wordily logical mind another is dust in last you get merged here either you live in balance or not . No Option for learn perfect balance with saturated tatvas not good for best take food balance ..... 

Once While teaching yog-balance to Adishakti maa Parvati The Lord Shiva ( knowledge collected in yog-vigyan Bhairav ) explaining her give,' to strength of inner during Identification meditate upon Hill and next to strength and service make identify with Tree " its a highest example or teacher available on Earth .

Next ; if whatever may look with these eyes is trees , they have not duel personality . they have no complication of duality ..even in as human tendency to produce mixtures to find different they use to mix two type of seed for one plant , you may see as they born they serve only Oneness in that mix form . they are born simple , they are full in service and after get time over silently they go back. they have life . they have fruits to gives all as direct food to survive veg world . Other walking animals are naturally busy to collect their food be own natural instinct or need .

You are Born divided in two... A  tree ,apparently Observed  Separate and Saturated .with counter part . but in Inner you are full and complete that truth is comes under born-Ignorance , here is your teacher is "Tree" , your upbringing need to become as tree is... The One Full Tree . No Doubt this is your ultimate journey towards Yogic-Fulfillment and UNKNOWINGLY The Thirsty your continues running towards only That The Guru . None of other . so sit beneath A tree give a time and find peace ..... 

The Tree is Chanting continues , listen and absorbs his pure Chants. It is more than enough. no need another wander .no shastra  over reading  day and night , no Statues worships , no fearful wishes  with folded hands in front of  temple mosque  or church  Only One connection One Lord  is already connected  with your own Inner . 

Necessary is daily Nature-walk for Silently with Silence For True Health , Wealth and Prosperity .
Good wishes 


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