Monday, 30 March 2015

Explore the self-root of divinity by self

A big big  Umbrella of Human and his Humanity among obstacle is own Nature Born Tendencies and need of Spirituality to cut self wild roots .

Amazing  and how stupid we are , from origin birth of human wished learn to live only peacefully , with prosperity ,  and with love , but  having just opposite of survival natural instinct , Human developed  religion (s)  for social control of mass and get trapped deep down in mud of conflicts by own , than wise human make Improved version of Religion named Spirituality, Human thoughtful minds gives Noble Philosophies also to give breath for humanity and to  keep human-self close to  Producer of all ....

( Funny is  now  today 's whatever act  human doing they do under  God's  wish under the  shed of Messenger of God  ! how clever human and his desires )

Inspite of human curiosity  always  lives in negative  and  hope for positivity ... we use-to to destroy  the things often  and  our contribution  in real creation is none ......

(  So friends , with none ability of creation  do you think have any  right to destroy ! but fearlessly we are doing or participating some how  under Social rules and Obligations )......

Nature have also same tendency but she  has responsibility to creation also , she has equal power of creation  growth and  conversion  the form but we Human are little different  from other nature creature .. rest of other  live naturally , we live  more with brain  involve  in creation (and think we did )- developments (and think we did )- and destroying (and think we did ) also  naturally , this way we feel  our tendencies  more towards trinity , ego says we  have very special powers .. other than all creatures   one is we have moving body , other we have  mind , oh yes heart also we have  with 6 senses ...  actually ;  our reasoning is not false , yes we have all powers ... other than  creatures ..  we have responsibility to maintain and give help to mother earth  also  with our  powers   as divine give us responsibility and we forget ! under mind plan  and senses play .

And it is  so much deep rooted  even we  produce  medicines  and  create doctors after killing many   animals ,  on account  of process  of learning   and experiments of surgery and they actually worshiped   next to God in HUMAN SOCIETY ,  even very few Doctors  are to be worshiped , " Humanity " its  not Honest wish for those  cos their learning is on * killings and * earnings  .  Same example  you may find in political wars among nations ... all about legal killings  ! .......... No punishment for ! ........... How selfish act !.......... and in return  in this society  people  may think with kindness act compassionately lives over nature !!!......... How Opposite  wishes all !  ........... Do you Understand  what i was saying  earlier, Human act different  and wishing for different .... than how  it become  possible ... 

If you rooted  thorn-plant , may be socially  and religiously they correct  , and get planted  with clap in mass but thorn can not become mangoes  how you able to get sweet fruit in Season ! thorn will produce  more on season , they give  cuts ,   they prick  , they give wounds  also .. and every time they remind about false wish and actual act of yours  ! 

This destroying / destructive  nature is  close to  devils if it is not involve in creation , because over-rightness / ego also exist in human being  due to mind and logic which is  towards devils wish  .  if this ego with creativity  which towards Deity wish  it is less harmful  but if it is under rightfully destruction only it is  just disaster .. so that the reason of religious  and political wars all over world ! 

Let's try to explore rightness / rightfullness of  Human  and Humanity :-

Vadik- age- sages try to  solve this psychological Issue  through religious way   via remind soulfully , which you can not produce  you have no right to  destroy , in this chain , almost all things comes under  non destruction , including mercy-killing... this way  worst is  killing others  .. no matter how strong logic  mind gives , killing is  worst for humanity .

Warriors-production-chain gives  many logic  under safety parameters  to live safe from wilds (ok)  Mindful persons create warriors to save  human  from wild  powers .. (ok)  Soon they realize  they have  not only fear from wild  they also have equal fear from inner  warriors. Those get developed  for safety and  warriors get divided  and  they start rules also over population  . eventually  they realize also  either they ruled  or they ruler ... means  either they surrender  or they do fight  with equal warriors .

This is   very short  expression over the yugas development of human   and  their  warrior tendency .. now  hunting and killing  is become  human warrior basic nature ..  among these  nature products of plant  river rocks air  find only for utilization  and  many wild they find utility profits so they make them friendship under  certain  guidelines for animals , they called pets ...  but human are very special  in  very friendly or  very enmity  circumstances they  can kill anyone  without next thought ..  even  in  religion also many religion create loopholes  to develop this killing instinct  under the name of Offering / Oblation .  yes wise may  able to recall ! Next is most  tortured  with in human  by human are woman  cos of  many most are socially .  than child ( Infanticide )... now see the scene  * pets  * woman and * child  * plant   most lovable and appears with most killing instinct  just opposite  those  are not allowed  to lived are * wild  animals and human warriors of enemy  group , they also as meet they killed  , than who will lived ! and who will saved ! 

Now next development of humanity comes under food chain  this is  human decision Area / Geographically vise which  plant / animal  come under food chain and which is not ...

Which nature nurture  by human from era , sudden it become pain .. when killing ratio  get over loaded  by human for human ...  no one cry for other killings ...

Do you have any reply  over killing tendencies ... which human have no right  anyway .. but in social scenario  those killings are  very social and acceptable .. only  human kill to human  in certain circumstances  are  under punishable , rather many Human killings  are  in many countries  comes  not under killing if motive is good (!) see the loop hole  of human mind . in this way one human get honor  if  he get involve  for nation purpose (!) same human in other nation called terrorist (!) in this way  now a days  the scene  is  human kills  everywhere including self (!)   from human everyone is feared  including human itself (!) can i say to human  the most burden of Earth (!)

During reading writ , Keep in mind  about worst human  killing tendency  and feel why human is so easy and comfortable in killings , and think also about real religion real value of human life  without killing and destroying ) If we keep in mind of the  One  and only One energy of Cosmos " Adi Shiva "  which includes Adi shakti within as One entity of " Om "  have three splits  with further divisions of  masculinity  and femininity as divine couple of Brahma + Brahmani  (creator) , Vishnu +Laxmi  ( The Guardian ) and Shankar + Parvati ( destroyer ) to make balance .. and we get stop  here to our thought to hold !  they enough  to manage their world .. we are here just to live as guest , just to explore  nature  beautifully with good deeds , and on time we will go back to home . than think how beautiful world get appears ! 

You may have many logic  in mind  few are  by birth  few are  by  social / religious force  few may be  reading subjects  as Science taught .

* my motive is not to stop killings / serious  hurting / abusing , of-course  i can not !  just putting Idea to explore the root of  your's (as human ) natural killer instinct in meditation ;  if you get successful  , my writ also become successful .

with respect namaste to all readers !

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