Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Endless running of mind .. and Real one

Query :- what we will do  after knowing ! ... with same sorrow  and same  sufferings  including pleasures .. , kindly tell us  Dear wise soul ?

A:- Think ! Proverb get created in duality  cos of to give cushion to mindful understandings of sorrow  or happiness , so that most popular  and  they even in-use as  ornamental language ( as grammar says itself ); reason is  only to get more power of expression .. why !  ( pause ) to reduces  the element of suffering  by mindful acts through expression and explanations. proverb are real helper in communication .. but only as indicator ; the  real is untouched  through language.  you may see  in deepest dive in feeling expression even powerful  not able to touch that peak exact , simply they get powerless on that point .. So find all  expression  as  indication  only not find self  hooked  on any stage of understanding .

the basically selfish (in bad scenes ) human  is very much in effort to job  where secure  maximum benefits , as strength allow to gather .. but calculation doesn't works .. so  maths  and actual get differ .. the reason  anxiety uneasiness  take place .. and  slowly it get so  much big  that nothing  get visible  other side, and mind  and heart get choked fully ... some time physical attacks  some time emotional attacks take place ..

In very tough  circumstances  where people  come out to know " who i am !  and why sufferings " otherwise  in happiness  and with good health  people  usually lives in sleep .

when knowing get start .. they wandering here n there  to ask any method ! any  worship  for XYZ (trapped person is ready to give money to knowledgeable person) here is  people get trapped in another  valley of unlimited Sorrow and sufferings .

What is religion web !  religion gives unlimited assurance against unlimited fears .. to this  do that  for this  follow that  etc etc .. but finally  things are go by own way ...

Accidental or by Source's grace , if nature  get melt ( why using melt !  cause  it is also self receiving-phenomena. nature remain same she is by nature  show  real face, it is cover on our senses  which not able to see the real one)  on this crying person  and get ready to help  and  right vibes start to knock door , frequencies  start to flow  in surroundings  but chirpings of inner and outer not ready to listen .. ( so that first place ...first and last wise advice is SIT with self , give few minutes daily to self ,  to live  with mauna , listen your voice , control your chakras power , encounter with self  cos lord lives within, spring is there only )

Think what One have to do , who want to come out  from Ocean of sorrow ! wisdom light  to touch  Source feet  is only way  to know self reality ..and limits ...

As this miracle   showers  within ,root of sufferings  and sorrow includes  happiness  able to see uncovered ..  there is no shadow  of  poisons.. only truth and nectar  is there .. with this knowing  yes  every thing is remain same  other than " person "  person is not same  and here is  works " yatha drishti tatha srishti "  here Yogi  finds  lotus light .. which shows the real world and happy living in life , importance of  moments  and  value of self love  are the really really basic root .

After open this wisdom window , wise able to  see  illusion is not out-side , it is all with in , yourself  itself  a big illusion , as we are  as world  get stand in front of us ...... immediate  loudest possible  cry get stop , poison factory get stop , illusion get stop ,  the dance of opposites get stop ... only one  get exist  with reality .. none of other  that is Divine ...

But this is not final delusion of illusion , here on top of top   again  two roads  visible  one  who  says  all is true with nothingness and all is love as energy  , another says  all is true with nothingness  and  all is to use energy . (this is the stage  where deity and devil  with extreme  power  get divide again ) what is the main difference  among both of them .. one is  do work for good will for earth  and self ,  another is only user  and  destroyer  against  will of desires  . find  all shades of colors and mix n match of them on this level also , though actual is impossible  to express  only indication and grasping will works , with the upbringing of Deity  basic is  User  and Cultivation of energy and elements ...  all shades of Purple ( mix of pink and blue bhava  )Red is ( vibrant-maaya energy ) Green (happy-earth) Yellow (productivity) and Blue (peace) , and both ends  have White  and Black.  they get mixed  according to strength of inner of Soul ... Same is with Devil Soul  they get all shades  with dominance of their  basic  nature of User  and Destroyer ... so that in very thin line of finest surgery  , you may find qualities  in both of them .. Devil may be human oriented and can act  as more human  with strength or weakness  and  Deity also  may be act  some time  as human  with weakness  and  strength .  Human is middle point  to both of them .  but  what is important  is inherent tendencies which they able to see with-in in high peak  of wisdom . you may understand  with two extreme side divided  walks of one straight rope , where is middle is Human Dot. during walks  of austerity  you may see  both have one direction upward  to touch that Om  with inherent qualities .  and finally   all are of  Center of Source  which known as  Adi Shiva in Hinduism .

It means  real one is still away to  both of them .. cos where all good bad get merged  with no value and existence of user or liver ...  many shades  many  ways  again get appears  as Maaya attacks  ...her weapon of senses those have two side razor edges ....  again get powerful  on this  highs ... and ...........and ........ deep fall possible from this peak with deity and devil existence .. you get landed  again  as either  worshiped  or as killer  existence ....... be careful ! ( in down  mass is ready to grab  powers of yours to use  that to come out or to support as living cos they are with broken boat sinking in ocean they badly need some one those  help in sail ) its all up to  austerity  and willingness  including prarabdha  about what you choose .. or you take leap !!

Always  talk with you as you talked before start this wisdom walk ..  your source  still tell you  right  always .. shadow and sunlight  lives together  user  use available energy according to need  (not to store well).

Yourself existence  is  above  of  deity and devil  , and this one is last point to get final leap  towards thy ... which popular as  " I "

Om Om Om

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