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The society

The  society and her right n wrongs 

Churning thoughts  for  Spiritual and Sensitives Souls :-

BBC releases India’s Daughter on YouTube! and India keep Banned ... 
may find to watch film on link with declaration... please  go through ...

The documentary highlights the aftermath of the event as well as a one on one interview with assailant Mukesh Singh. While BBC was in high hopes of releasing the video on television for Women’s Day (March 8th), government disapproval, heavy protests against Mukesh Singh’s lack of remorse and despicable comments lead the the ban of the documentary in India.
UPDATE by Video Up-loader :
 YouTube has since pulled the video worldwide, however we were able to find the video below .  is not responsible for this video.

clearly shown in movie  the mentality  of Society  where culprits born and  they get brought up ... but what about defense-lawyer ...  they are definitely  educated ! and comes from  educated Society ....  than  why they  get  mentality similarities... 

this is also says ,  few  are in jail  but  most are open and wild roaming on road  freely ...  and many of them are in different service sector , business sector , education sector and  most of in political profession also , those  are  authority  in Government / Parliament 

Many aspect serve to think  for thoughtful and sensitive...not should be banned .. it should have to use to understand  psychology behind and may use this  knowledge  to give changes  to those part of society ( really difficult)... many aspect get unfold of the  cultured society  in this documentary ... because one or two are not only criminal ... there are many free roaming on roads unnoticed , in homes , in malls...  in  open and close area  ... think !!! 

* it is  just an thought  to think  reality of  Asian  Society ..  none of other we can do ..  but i feel  thought  is much bigger  to welcome changes ..indeed  its  a selected category as  psychologist says , where they lived  was  slum  and  woman have different ruled  to live there ....! and educated world is few  in statistics of grand population ..slums are not having only  crime problem  another  many  aspect covers  of society.

* this is kind of imbalance  of society .  one extreme side blind devotion  to god  and another extreme side blind and extreme crime  circumstances 

* its a matter of mentality .. its a matter of society difference and imbalance among slum and other steta ... its also says mentality never change by punishment as the culprit share his views in jail , even his defense lawyer was with same mentality .. 

what and which is true or false or  right or wrong !  what about regulations among  society , what are ethics and non ethics ? 

nothing is right or nothing is wrong .. rules are for mass govern by society and the location ; like gulf countries have different rules for their society  , china have ..... and japan have...... usa and uk have their rule of right and wrong for their society , ( latest born isis  alike international terror org.s having political fights and the big psychological issue for world and for sure those are not good with woman ) and right and wrong are simple demonstration of the society . so that area wise / country wise right and wrong get differ ! and you get regulated where you take birth / or where you get established .... upon earth ! 

entire world  the slums have different and educated world have another demands of struggle .they have total different rules for men and woman  and  get blast when accidental meet get possible with general social and  those mind set who are  walking hard  to get  equal walk  with developed  countries  .. statistics  may get differ  according to developments  and according to  population  of concern area .... and this imbalance  find  around the world anywhere ...... 

ex:  muslims have different rule  for men and woman , under muslims  they have  much rigid  in Saudi  and  other  gulf countries ...  christian have  different rule for their  society .. and same with hindu  they have different rules and guidelines  for society .. other than religion  status  and education  also play important role ..  villages have different living pattern  and social rules ..  and metro have  different challenges ... metro culture are more dangerous ; cor here  all culture  get merged  like Ocean , villagers ,  small towns , labors ,  poor ,  beggars ,  educated  persons service  class or students  , many business man  those are  find value of education but many are find value  only money production .  all have different mind set according to their brought-up  and social surroundings !! 

thought is : so , what is right and what is wrong ! and with many unsolved queries i get puzzled ..How we get find literate our self first ? think for change within ! than  in surroundings ....

With very heavy heart  sharing this social aspect  on this  Spiritual blog   with many spiritual vibes .  with prayers for mindful goodness  for humanity  and Earth ... 

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think !!!! 

Om Pranam

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