Saturday, 14 March 2015

Meet with self - Restoration and Efforts

"A hard life is not a punishment. The most evolved souls sometimes take the most challenging paths." heart emoticon
~ Dr. Brian Weiss ~ heart emoticon
And one is assigned as player from Birth till so called death upon Earth Play-Ground . Struggles are the sign of life , a pulling destiny wheel against of planets walks . If not find result according to calculation / desire but definitely not waste also .. Its a kind of The balance between karma and destiny . ( if you believer of relive / undergoes , than definitely  this massage  show the light ) .  Effort  or Karma towards desired  Goal is not only  "the purest pulling effort" against moving-destiny-wheel it is also  definition of life , very possible  this may   not serve result  according to wish but  it is also true this zeal may not stop fully to  the fortune wheel  but moving-speed may reduced  and this success  is also commendable . and with this  one may also get reduces undergoes .

Struggles for balance are expression of human / creature against natural-circumstances cos of prarabdha or destiny or planets rotations .

Be honest, examine yourself, and recognize honestly self anxieties, self fears, frustrations, anger, irritation, jealousy and so on. They all distort to a great degree what we perceive.Mental attitude, opinions, thoughts, and preconceptions cause an even greater distortion. As long as hold on to these impurities on perception ; will never be clear.. 

With all pure self-observation of impurities will able to soon  find the  mid-strong-point  among  karma and destiny . both are get neat together .  both are walk together. no one  is alone  neither karma nor destiny .

Its true , planets are powerful but the will is also energy from of another power within .. and cause of both-rub and stretch its become another beautiful balance to walk on beautiful life-path .  one can understand  exact  by example of the  rub n spark  of chakmak stone, what comes finally with rub n stretch  the  fire   "  A useful fire . "

Efforts shown shown if planets have strong magnet , with strong will , may be not able to catch of willing catch for runs score but at-least not ready to give sixer to wheel of planets on play-ground ...

From both end of this thread of efforts finally; able to see "balance" for self.

Om Pranam

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