Thursday, 19 March 2015

Enlightenmental-Significance (A wild rose blooming )

Be aware ; if some one Individual claim  or org claim of enlightenment  happens , *this time , *this moment , and *at this place ...

never !

If you got misguided  by the example of Budhha or Jesus or Krishna or Muhammad , be aware  and start to recall  Budhh's or Jesus  or Krishna or  Muhammad 's  life , thought development pattern ... enlightenment is a process of mind and heart blockage  opening ... gradual work  of thought process ..under the thirst of  to find  truth .. in that era , this fact as much  controversial in society  as today it is .  One reality   as real in that time as today .. one have to experience  by self , cut by self  all  deeds / impurities  of two peaks of heart and mind . after cutting all Impurities  there is only God left  only One light  left.

whatever goes with Buddha  or jesus  or muhammad or krishna  with those event  we  are usually seen  just next to us  and  we find no change inside  due to  we get used-too to see these  scene  on daily basis .. news  hearing and listening pattern  gives  numbness to us  and  same these type of events give them kick to find truth .. think !!  and that is  the main cause of enlightenment .  do not trap of them magical stories most are get created  and twisted by story maker  to establish faith in general public  , or it is  mislead  by analytical approach  of minds  , with in body  soul is always limited and restricted .

After feel of four truth * Birth * Illness * Oldage * Death .....what else remains  to experience  in human life ? its  ultimate enlightenment .. when it become to wash Impurities within .  

Enlightenment when arises  , only feel reflects , no prove need for ... even those get encountered , they have no in memory  as record  of time !! cos  its  mixing of shades  , how you can do saturate white color from rainbow ... 

How can a baby-born able to recollect his birth time  exact ! you can not !  its only feel left of peace  of lightness  and of  fragrance .. its "no" administrative-record of time  when peace  showers  and body become burden free and all mix flower fragrances comes down in One small bottle ... !

Stay aware  and stay blessed ....

Many ways , many personalities , many encounters ... path will show  the real one  with the feel of  My divine Inside  and i am connected  with Lord.. and  believe  on only Self-Guru  "Appo Guru aappo bhavah " . no one is as good for you as you are for self . love yourself , the god resides  within .

Recently  i get encountered  with  a lady , in looks  she is  just alike any educated modern house  manager , but inside  she is  very calm and sattled , some one ask to her, if you have  the stage of enlightenment  than  why not  you are doing some thing   as the position of established  gyani-Guru.

She replied , ' the stage of enlightenment is very inner ,  blooming lotus  is  total  inside  phenomena , though  establishment  as Guru is Social framing   and  Social Obligations  to established  organisation and work for .. and i do not like personally  for to make spread effort-fully  my  eternal mental peace ...  that is very different out look and capability , nothing concern with inner  enlightenment .. regarding social concern ; it may be with or it may be without ... my enlightenment  is for me  and  my very inner being ..  as i am  same as everyone have own journey  and path .  gather wisdom by self experience  is more valuable  than  to unnoticed  listen or  casual read .

I'm ok  as  i am ...  and you know  in society  what is enlightenment  mean  for men and for woman , i do not want to me  to  trace  in frame  by any one ...  i am effortless happy as i am ...  if some one  attract with vibes  most welcome , cos learning is some thing through vibes only .. otherwise if any one  even sit very close to  Sage  even than he can not takes  actual what  sage have  wisdom . And if frequency get matched  than no need to  even talks, mauna get fruitful.

Some how it appeals me ...

Om .....

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