Thursday, 19 March 2015

Conversation of Source-play

One friend says in prayers to lord  :- Don't blame me..When YOU are in me,What ever i did, YOU did too....

  • Lata Tewari you are saying and i am recalling one joke , one thief goes for theft at one home in between he hear Geeta pravachan , " kisi ka kuch nahi hota , aaj jo tera hai kal wo kisi aur ka hoga aur baad me kisi aur ka .. hum to bus madhyasth hai " fir kya tha , thief get brave and think i am nothing doing wrong Krishna also says same ... 
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  • Lata Tewari so that vision is more important than receiving ... cos of vision play role in receiving.
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  • Yangchen Namesake Lata DI...... sahi, galat kaun tyar karta hai?? 
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  • Lata Tewari who is the creator of right and wrong ! those are effected .. same as god have no interest either one is get knowledgeable or one is fool .. these are all social phenomena
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  • Yangchen Namesake sahib mera ek hai.... dujo kaha na jaye.... 
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  • Lata Tewari recalling many player many teams exist in play ground .. no one have interest in each other rules .. cricket have own and hockey have own... same you find social play have own rules 
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  • Yangchen Namesake and this damsel never play with rules  
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  • Lata Tewari ha ha ha cos this rule book is over burdened
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  • Yangchen Namesake
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  • Lata Tewari though Source is very clever thy create magnet system to control one planet not give damage to other or one planet can not steel other planet treasure
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  • Yangchen Namesake waah!! 
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  • Lata Tewari and the real source is least concern on one planet where his treasure placed ... same you can see as mother's eye .. one child take the packet to another room doesn't bother to mother . , but for child it is big concern 
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  • Lata Tewari because thy knows soul can not take away a pinch out from earth other than energy
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  • Yangchen Namesake mera mujme kuch nahi..... jo kuch hai so tere... tere tujpe swopde, kya lage mera....See Translation
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  • Lata Tewari Source is smiling  to see child 's play .. get relax. 
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  • Yangchen Namesake  Source too having fun in the play  
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Point is what is Social play ! and how it is matched with other created  plays the Social play 
ruled upon Population by serves ethics  for society  on emotional ground ! which is  some 
kind of  necessary  to live and to be  lived  .

think ! 

Before thinking of big  make vision as broad  as lord ..  you will understand  in lord's  eye  
whats wrong  and whats right ! 

Just think as  mother of planets .. which is most dangerous and punishable by you ....

As  theft  and  killings  are the taatvik phenomena and pure concern  of social values 

yes karmik wheel  get activated through  karma involvement but most punishable  act is 
concern is frequential pain giving.

What body feel  due to emotional and  sense sensitiveness , the cause of  delivered -poison 
to body  ... and cos of  body imbalance  Soul get in thirst .. 

And when soul  is half-sleepy  due to born with karma , soul need to awake alert and aware

Actually  real God is vast ; painless entity  is the basic source of energy and manifestation 
of life.... and just opposite of Socially  created God which is  situated in temple and which is full 
of magic ,  very loving and emotional , and  ever-ready for help to others ..  during encounter with
reality , this imaginary/ fictitious -image of  god also get diluted . 

Sages create  values  for Human  , cos  by nature  mind is  moves  towards negativity ..
and ethics is only Social-way to live well  for  individual and  and  these  Spiritual ethics will
help to give help in living to happy life to others also .. 

So that different variety of divisions & diversions  are full of  psychological aspects and agenda for 
social marriages and  for child  , which born by their  parents , for other relations ..with this  the two 
Important peaks  also get clear those are Mind and heart running and  rope of wisdom  is in between
and  the connection-chain  of human  for other creatures upon Earth ... all comes under human ethics..
and after  to grasp all  experience Ground reality  as  last leap of wisdom actually start  from here ... 
In short  Religiously or  Spiritually is all are concern of  well living  with happiness and peace in present ..

and after gather experience of these spiritual and religious  aspect ; be ready to that leap of Center 
where is Shiva resides .. though Shiva available in particles also ..

All best wishes for  real  eternal journey  for path walkers ....

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