Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Magnetism of Source

Please hold wisely ; Indicated points in mind below  to connect In one_line of thoughtful Journey ... 

( see the below picture  meditatively focused  and find yourself   in rotation  in side )

Magnetism  of  Source : 

Galaxies are  controlled with Magnetism , after that Planets  are under control of Magnetism ... Same is for our Earth  so that rotation is Scientifically proven already  ...(hold the point )

Now land on  to Earth ; just think ;   Rotation of Earth  Gives help to understand Time  & Speed , the process of Birth and  End is shown  every one  get starts  either with seed or cell ................(hold the point )
 and every possibility is hidden in seed or in cell form  on Earth , our (entire prakrati )..... ,  center of Magnet is also in every seed and every cells  ... it means  our center point is rooted already  in our cells  (Hold the point )

Now the Process of growth  center point  is intact  and well known  it is Nabhi  or naval Point ..

ये बात महत्वपूर्ण है की प्रकृति नियमित है , जो आरंभ है  वो आरंभ को चलेगा  जो मध्य है  वो मध्य ही रहेगा  सारा विकास  उस मध्य के इर्द गिर्द  ही होगा  और जो निचला सिर यानिकी अंत का बिंदु  है वो अंत को चलेगा इस तरह से सेल का  विकास सभी दिशाओं  में होता है पर  केंद्र ; केंद्र  में ही स्थापित रहता है । इसी अनुसार  सम्पूर्ण शरीर  का विकास चहुँ ओर  से सामान रूप से होता है| 

if we try to get  center point of Human body  it is Naval point , according to theory of magnetism , magnet attract magnet ... in this way Nabhi  is a precious point  and also root  to reach  of biggest Magnet (hold the point )

So that Mooladhar is auspicious  because it is close to  Nabhi  and attracted direct  with  center of Gravity ....... Mooladhar is  a main  bridge-point among Naval  and Earthy magnet Point .

Mooladhar and Naval point is much  auspicious  to connect with  main Source {physically } ( hold it )

Now comes  on that world there only vibrations works .... that is  Mind and Heart  ... in Body ..... 

Mind  gives command  and take command ... soul  resting Place is a heart , so that Heart is  a precious , Soul can controls over commands to mind ... so that mind become  servant to soul ... when mind become servant ,  than all energy  of entire Body (another name of silver line light  ) comes get centered in Heart point , due to brains commands .........( hold it

All collected energy on the area of heart , it moves to Naval point , now it become under Soul command   and Mind is now Souls Servant ... Now Naval point is fully charged  and it connected with Mooladhar  and Mooladhar is Bridge of Body  and Earth magnetism ( Vibrational ) ... 

whenever  through Mooladhar  you are able to connect with Source ...  The Source get ready to open All gates  to connect with One self - Suprem  Source.... 

Enjoy your  Spiritual Journey  Friends !!  Om Pranam 

Please find  alignment , if  find any connection / link of your's ! 

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