Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Decorative Wisdom

Reading  and sharing  wisdom words  Quotes  and Other Inspirational Literature  by some one or any one !  just decorative and cos they are purest they serves cooling temporary . 

Till than ; literary words not get pierce by wisdom , they get Ornamental source of superficial expressions . piercing is very personal , another piercing is not fruitful for next. its like tailored clothes . Only Owner is allowed to wear that cloth . eg; Sidharth Nanak  Mahaveer  Rumi , Kabir and Many Souls , those expressed after touched that peak point of wisdom  then what they share that is  not artificial . just their austerity .  and Other's Austerity  doesnt mean it is yours , just by read . its need  expedition deeper , digging Inner . Churning  like  Samudr-manthan , will produce  both quality of Good and Bad of very inner in yours . but after that , after Poison ,  and after war of devil and deity   Nectar also comes in your account . for very sure !  Vishnu will serve by themselves  only for you .

another example  of  to  popup information  at superficial lavel Its like ; feeling of minus chill impact in windy winter morning's fog behind shielded glass window of decorative and technically heated house.

Self experience , 

Self Journey 
Self wisdom 
Self destiny

Rest is all Information  look alike knowledge  but not under wisdom  are decorative for short term and total Illusive .


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