Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Yogi

Steps to move forward ( all about nuts of meditation ), this process may be one hour or may be years , depends upon preparation of Soul :-

* Sit 

* Relax

* Take help from breaths , inhale and exhale deep long breaths .

* Situation Over viewed

* Start Cleaning

* Cause or causes is clear now

* Understanding (is enough)

* Start to live in moment to moment .. past is no more , future is stand on today's feet otherwise where is future on today ! yes .. A Future not exist On wise today. today is enough itself . past and future are attachments of mind .

* Do not look back to generate pain , just look for lesson and leave .

Here your first knock for Yogi spirit with Good Internal health and wealth :-

* Now what is pain and where it is ! no more live .

* Feeling Free and light ,rooted Plant now giving fruits of love for entire Earth

* Remember @ Love Is your last "Sentiment" who are sole responsible for Earth Manifestation . and love also done work nicely.

* You are moving towards Yogi's mind and his mind is not attached with any wordily Sentiments , The Yogi lives in NOW . he is full of compassion Gratitude to receiving for abundance life's beautiful gifts with no purpose and no cause . and now he understand to return all gifts to in same Lord spirit , he is ready to spread fragrance on (If ) Need basis, not desire basis . his life is need basis , not desire basis .

* * remind yourself always you are learner , be ready to grasp every possible eventuality which is serve by nature , accept servings with grace with the feel of " Appo Guru aapo bhavah ." every serving is the step of your destiny and indication. keep in mind nature always give big indication Silently , Listen her with conscious , you may hear her guidance in absolute Silence .

This is a Common A yogi 's Journey Nut . now how many steps you want to cover it is totally up to your Internal thirst or hunger . Food is always available according to your real hunger , artificial popups not comes under hunger and satisfaction , they are fashionable and for fashionable world .

with best wishes for life journey 

Om Pranam .

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