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Sentiments and their life Circle

Cuttings of Illusive  circuler rotational  Sentiments 

Human made world may look attractive in first appearance of polishing on surface , but after look again entire human made world is developed with little wisdom of Science and big foolishness of Ingnorence of life; as basic. it is  Opinion comes out  to see entire world Human living pattern .  

for expression Very Basic of under comes  Language ,  the language  plays important role  to express emotions  or sentiments. Chuang Tzu  say below the  same .. he is try to penetrate  exact role of words .

" The purpose of words is to convey ideas. 
   When the ideas are grasped
  The words are forgotten.

  Where can I find a man , 
  Who has forgotten words? 

  He is the one I would like to talk to

 - " Means and ends "
 (Chuang Tzu)

Sentiments are very commonly flows within Common man or can say  entire being  and cos we are  human  can see all emotional flows  easily .  Originally Sentiments are not works for Main Center  , Nature and Sages , they have dealings only under strict  pre-made rules and regulations , * under noticed  for us ; their dealings are Same as either with particle or it may Center by self , they play role  in the form of Gunas or Frequencies  with no difference and entire equality. 

The Emotional Circles of life 

          Before writ this   emotional  circle pattern of life ,already written  The  Uncounted  Circles  of Karmas  and their different manifestation are appears  in total life ...or... can say it may be many lives  circle  in One's Soul's accumulated  Destiny ( प्रारब्ध not luck),  in the inner expedition many things are Intuition basis  without ground of solid  proves . Here; Science discover many things are still to discover from Mysteries , researcher  also  start  from Imagination On the first base  to move and to collect solid  proves .....  here ..... i must say , whatever .... Science have successful expeditions  and researches  have fruits in hand  mostly they ruled  on tatvas  and limited  few  range of  frequencies  . when we  move Above of all  findings there only the Intuition works. Our  sage only  do imaginations in deep  meditative  state and their   meditative viewing  and researchers finding get matched  cos Science  works on solid proves it is our good luck ; we able to touch those points  with proves. 

        This way we find ; Austerity  can see through Internal meditative  intuitive   coincidences, You may believe it or not logically , its totally up to reader , this freedom have everyone  to  move on in self life journey  and believe upon self experience.... but.... it is also true ,  traveler need as baggage .... to be open mind ...and ....with  Irresistible  learning-skill to travel long  ; whatever  your heart  allow  to you . listen 100 %  your voice . and  this voice  is very low  when you are involve  in wordily  affairs . but this voice become very loud   when you are in Inner expedition . Allow  yourself  to listen  this  , cos this your own Intuition . 

        So ; i  am  try to say here  about  presence of mysterious emotional circles in every ones  life ,  this Entire  universe  working is round - round in rotations , let's  starts .... Our  Tour of Circles from Vyom  , its infinite , fathomless , amazing and  mysterious , it has   Very Center with most powerful magnetism .... of that .... we called ;  One God , One Bhagwan or  One Allah .  First expression from here  .... whatever..... i seen, from open mind and closed eyes ( keep in mind scientifically  proved celestial globe ) is very center   named Shiva-linga....... after that seen ! ..... shivalinga surrounded with  continues round-round  moving and rotating  Galaxies already dressed with Infinite star- dust  and solid huge star particles , to look  more closer ;  i find  again ..... One galaxy is acquired  many huge  and vast planets and their circular  rotations .....govern from .... their own .... One very  magnet field .... which is the cause of their births and they also rotates in circular motion  on self axis and that is also round-round-round .  let's take-off , on  Earth , here.... Earth rotation  is round round , related to her each particle and their rotation  are round round  . they make a beautiful and exact Circle , and  they have to complete without stopping  or complaining. their action are Natural and they  ( Galaxy to Particle ) all govern by very Center, guided by Nature. 

           Ok ;  now  we come on  Human life  circle , here One half  is live (manifest) and another half is in sleep (Dark).  In manifestation or  in  conscious-state  , there is  One  starting point .... which we called  BIRTH  and other  end point of this rope is , which we  know as DEATH .  between  Birth to Death we find  Emotional-Circulatory-Rounds  many emotions  covers  many sentiments ,  actually ; in very root , when Emotion start to cover ..... mind ......chemically , it .... make and shake also sentiments in human psychology .  Now  you see  strongest   emotion  comes  very first  which is  basic life line of Earth  called  LOVE  ..... cos ; love most in Social talks,and much in need  to empty hearts everywhere ,need of love start from birth of child age and it goes  longest old age ......and most exploited and misunderstood among youth , Love is everything in whole  human story (  or earth story  or can say it is start from very center )  ... " love is this and love is that  ", The Love is spread  in whole  life  throughout . all  colors of emotions  take birth from here  only .  either  good  sense   or bad sense.  Actually ; Good or bad  also  manifestation  of  One Love only , Good  cos of  feel happy  and according to desire , feeling bad cos of  against wish  or desire . But LOVE  is always prime in lives . Love rooted in parents  to child ,  in any human or other relation , in  different genders attraction.Different gender comes under opposite-magnet-attraction. So many time  ; This  Love  word lost their purity and Magnetism takeover  and love  get hide Under  LUST & DESIRE  .  but  it is present . The Purity  only give reflection when magnetism get sound & cool , when spiritually  self  exploration take place  . It need to understand by wisdom.(just to recall this discussion in nuts ) we were  talking about love  in relations , love in genders , this love captures entire Earth , may able to see total different approach with wisdom eyes , same  this love feel get convert in feel of compassion  for entire  earth ( it is different outlook  can say just opposite from wordily love ) when third eye get charged by austerity One  will must able to see this kind of love . 

        this is true, One fact; any kind  of  grasping or acquiring  you may have but you can not take  any thing from here apart of  essence of karma. So  keep in notice as you already know your  body  will convert into ash and with your body  many thing whatever   you  acquiring  health & wealth .... will left here on the day ( you may must be informed all of these words or subjects , many time you may have to hear but this is  the time " to feel"  as very personal experience ) .  On this leaving process , if you have generate little  sense  of Intuition , you may able to see easily , " the grasping chart shows  your leaving  points of emotional  bounding  or sentimental bounding  " . It is to be under wisdom... noticed ... that love acquisition  is very first  in your life  and strongest.  On to follow  this pattern ... love is stay with you till  last ( in any form, from of relation may get change  with time )

Here is One to understand the complete different emotional  circle apart of Strongest Love ...keep in mind again here ,' nothing you can take with self , you are born empty and go empty is your full and final circle ...."

                  Its Amazing emotional circulatory sequence , The Love  emotion is very First encounter and the soul is very first receiver it from Mother , and after that Father  and Other  relatives  and in this love journey  as Soul acquires this emotion or sentiments in same  way  have to return also with completing circulatory rope walk  . In the  process of give and take  Love is the last sentiment for ceremonial offering to an lotus feet of Source . So ; the very important and main alike longest festive circle of LOVE take complete walk on life's rope-circle . it has biggest walk in front of Other sentiments. 

                Other  Emotions  are also  not to hook, they are also comes and go  after give  some (good or bad)  Impact according to your inner strength  and their rotatory cycles.  If you are wise  through understanding  you can control over Dark Spots of  Impacts . These emotions are  anger , hate , proud , lust ,  persuasions of emotions , happiness  Sadness , handling on Profits  Losses  , victory  and defeats ,  and many other colours / shades / Patterns  of emotions  when they captured your mind   and heart ....  it means...  Now ; they become shadowier  and controllers of  your mind  and feelings ..... then they convert into Sentimental forces  . And  sentiments are further  force to you, to save yourself  from insecurities  of relations  of life dealing  any where .  Sentiments if not wise they  force hard,  they feel much , they hurt easily , they have proud easily, they get  angry easily  and  on next step they involved in revenge .  My Dear ,  its a very Dark  side of sentiments ,  some time it is so much dangerous that In revenge , it may hurt  anyone  Including self  from any extant ,no limit  either whole life pain  or Death is limit . cos  it is  biggest what human can do . 

               But this  all above Impact  comes under  no-observation condition by Ignorant mind , Once  Soul  get thirsty  and start exploring Inner  , see the light of purity ,  soon  all Poisson all bad impact goes calm down . 

              Soul get aware  about this  emotional   rotations , Good bad Impacts .  and  biggest  self life journey is prime . above of all  Earth  Poisonous dealings .

             One thing also to under noticed ;  Not Only  you should have to leave your bads , you should have to leave  here yours Goods  also .  you can not take any thing from here .  keep remember ! In this leaving process  as you receives from any one   for any cause , you should have to leave  that  according sequentially  . In the process of Grooming , after love , learning  and  completion comes ,    if anger comes in last , it has to leave you First  , same with lust , desire , if you have desire old  it may take little time . but non  sustainable basis , you can not hold .... On walking in the path of wisdom friendship comes , attraction , desire and  anger and proud on achievements / or depression  for non achievement  comes  either  positive or negative  emotion  comes  as Sentiments  gives hurts or happiness .. automatic , without effort  these  emotion will must leave you  sequentially with uses of wisdom ; cos of non nourishment  by you they get weak .  and only by understanding they leave you. One by one . 

            Again, i' m repeating ,  as those emotions  complete their circle in your body ( and they must do , its vary natural ) according to their strength  and holding age  , they must leave you , they can not grab you  , on wisdom walk path . With Meditation , With Yog ( no physical exercise included here . physical exercise  will do   keep healthy your body and  physical mind only , those may help  to walk on wise path . here  we are talking about emotional and frequencial talks and Yog is Sankalp  / determination ) . 

            You should have to do promise yourself , " i will not hooked  with any emotions , any  wordily affairs , with any physical property  any Organisation, any mindful literature  , any thing  what i can not take with me is burden to me as wise  traveler .   i will not try to hold  forcefully to any of them  , i will  watcher  as witness  those each guna leave my inner one by one by non effortlessness "  Nature is wise she  will provide you facility for Inner surgery . she knows time  best for each sentiments  to leave . She knows not only emotional preparations  of you though  when and how  you have to leave your body too .  

           So ;  just surrender and accept . nothing else . 

            Respect  her , learn from her ,  feel gratitude  for her , feel compassion   of her makings  or manifestation, and finally serve fully  from heart  in lotus feet of Source , he will take care . he will know  better  . you have your own limitations . accept  with bravery your emptiness  hollowness  and limitations of thinking efforts  even surrender ... you are not doing  anything ... Everything is taking shape  by own time , as fruits get ripe in own time , leaves  leave tree on time smoothly . just be ready to accept .  Nature is  always  ready to  provide learnings  according to destiny .  

Om Pranam

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