Wednesday, 25 December 2013

To know Self ; First -note

GREED IS NEVER FULFILLED : (thank you Dear friend Abnesh Batra ji ): today very morning very first thought with Zen Tea  ...

any one knows ... where The desires convert into passion and multiplied in to greed ...

i am sure most of not , because to know this hairline difference , people should be wise and aware for self . 99.9 % people start to run with necessities convert into desires and followed by passion to touch the height of greediness .

in this sequence , what is noticeable ! problem_root is Ignorance of self . Ignorance of very basic . 

Solution is to connect direct to source and to know self . " Weeding n Transplanting can not possible in Dense n Dark forest." its works in already developed /underdeveloped gardens ; to maintenance or to create .

Many of things are gives extra illusions , likewise Slogan ; *** " live with passion " *** " know your desire" *** " grab Opportunity " *** " do not stop to look dreams . " these type words are Only Marketing of Illusions to push yourself full into your desire Only and to achieve maximum with your force ; "be_aware" of your start and needs .

Friends , all efforts are all alright with "all intelligence" (not wordily) . So that Often you listen " whatever enlightened will do it will good , for good cause , and for welfare of universe ,they never serve harm to earth " because they connected with Source ....

*** very first to know self , than live life according wisely .

Om Pranam.

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