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Oceanic Depth Of Symbolism : A Concept of God and Goddesses In Hinduism -Note

Amazing fact  
Oceanic depth of Symbolism - The  way of Life  

All  genders with in everyone   and available varied  percentage in bodeis , is already  prooved . Body may define physical property factor different but Bhava Balance  is tells another dimensions  and  vary ... either Femininity  , or  masculinity  or  Both  .. all comes in one thread Only .  Femininity   is more closer  to Hridaya (heart) chakra  , means  close to bhava .  Agyaan  chakr  is more open  towards  Masculinity  .  and Sahastrar  is best balance  so that it is Wakeful, Pure , Serene and close to Divine .  so that it shown as Divine Lotus  in Pictures. 

Flowers  are most purest form of plants  so that most symbolic  is to surrender flowres in Lotus feet of Divine . Fire is pure  and its  convert all impuruties in to ashes . Fire is  Divine .  5 elemants are pure,   Nature is Pure ,  Energy is Pure .

( though ; its different story  when i pluck a flower from plant ,  thought comes ..  my heart is also pure than why i pluck this live flower from their plant  to show my purest  feeling towards Thy , why not i surrender myself  in the place of flowers  for my worship towards thy )

this  is  very small fact ,  actual concept  is  much bigger  behind   creation of Dharma ... the Concept of  all creatures are aligned  in one body .  On the concept of  one cell is = to Brahmand /Universe  and all are linked  and
depends on each other through unique system of  energy work . all are the beads of one necklace . now itching may comes ; why is only Cow (!) other than also  pure and divine , here is  all Divine stories are  symbolic ...Only works as  Pointer ,

Sage / Wiseman try express towards unexpressed . 

So that , you have to take all pictures  or  sculptures  ** as Symbolic ,  concept of  physical body of Human made God's shown  in cow's  Body .  and in other hand  in  Vishnu (conceptual god ) you can see  in many  same expressions  of the  all nature Variables   & invariable embossed in God's Body . 

all are the Kinds of expressions by Sage of effort to communicate to beyond , which are  also not possible express verbal .

it is a tough trial  to them  also ; to give  concepts  to society  for healthy living  with moral values .

they had Idea of madness and wild with coward nature  of Human being ) due to wild they always get involved in attacks or in wars , due to  madness ( all mental and emotional loose balances ) they do always imbalance  in performance  , but due to coward nature  they always search and need  protections and that protection  they try to grasp  in any condition through wild nature . 

to keep them inline , compel them to live with morality  , to maintain Uniqueness of Soul   also with  all para knowledge , was must to earthy  developments with sky high values in Human being . this is the root of dharma . 

Easy to absorbed  by common people ,they give many Ideas  ....  One  is concept of Trinity .. Brahma vishnu Mahesh :  

"The three  Personalities   depicted here are Brahma, the world-creator, Vishnu , the world-maintainer, and Shiva, the world-destroyer. "  

Another is The Concept of Hinduism  is Goddesses  to protect Femininity of Nature .  

Same as Sage  try to describe  all universe  is vast  but it is merge with in one body  also  or in a tiny drop of Water . also Sage  try to give best concept they try to pic perfect examples  from nature  , eg:  Cow is our mother..... ! she gives milk  to protect and to grow human being  .  and to give  emotional protection to cow  they shown  picture of cow  as concept of Kamdhenu .  Unknowingly  by her ; the Cow is most close to  nurturing  Human being . Other than all  those  creatures  are useful  to humankind , In  Vedas  give them special  place  of Worship . 

** With the concept  those are  gives any contribution to give  life of Human being  have  near to God  and they are Worshiped and those Humans are feeling  same they are also Near to God and Worshiped.  

for healthy  living  and high thinking (with all physical and emotional balance ) through ashtang Yoga ,  to penetrate  gratitude  compassion  and love High balanced economic values  through mantras  or chants  from   Vedas,

** to be noticeable all work done by their that time's  local  language Only  specially to understand  common peoples 


All The  Prime Massages In scriptures are  for and of  Journey of Soul  ; vast  to narrow  and to narrow to vast .. this journey also can be done through Meditation. Either  with the  " help " of Guru / Sd Guru  ( if needed Unstuck without Hanging on the  name or on the  personality  of Guru ) or through " आप्पो गुरु  आपो भव "  be  Guru of yourself . 

Noticeable : all are pointing to the same direction ... एक ही  दिशा , एक ही  रास्ता , एक ही मंजिल .( The same Direction, one n same way, one n same  floor ) 

Om Pranam 

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